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The Skin I'm In

Well, I have been injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected*. Not really. I have been inspected, though. The dermatologist went over all my spots and discolorations, pronouncing the itchy bit on my leg as ultra-dry skin that's gotten a bit infected, the brown place on the side of my face as an overgrown freckle, and the rough patch on my hand as a developing age spot (horrors). Why is it that everything you think... Read more →

Nothin' But Net

Sunday afternoon we went to a basketball game and had a blast. Normally I'm not a huge basketball fan -- I'm more of a hockey gal, as you know -- but I was willing to make an exception in this case. It was my nine-year old goddaughter's first official game. Yes -- girls elementary school basketball. Holy Trinity versus Elizabeth Seton. My goddaughter plays for Holy Trinity. Have little girls been playing basketball for a... Read more →

Reading Comprehension Is Not Her Strength

I was standing in line at Starbucks this afternoon, waiting for the latest version of crack in a cup, when I overheard the young woman in front of me ask the barista: "Does the Apricot Almond Shortbread have almonds in it?" Is it me, or is this the stupid question that I think it is? The barista, God bless him, didn't even flinch. "Yes, it does." "Okay, I'll have a Mint Chocolate Brownie and two... Read more →

iOnce Was Lost...

I got home last night, tired and oh so ready for the weekend, and Joe greeted me with some wonderful news: "Hey, I found your iPod!" "GREAT! Where was it?" I replied. "Right where you left it," Joe said. He was grinning, so I knew I was about to feel really stupid. "Oh no... come on, where was it?" "In the doughnut speakers. You were listening to it while you were wrapping presents," he said,... Read more →

He Shoots; He Scores!

Thank you! Whatever deity heard my prayer and inspired my Caps last night, thank you! My hockey team was back with a vengeance, beating the Montreal Canadiens 5-1. Whew! I was getting very depressed there. I really was rather dreading the game, because the Habs are doing really well this season and had already beaten the Caps pretty solidly. But Joe had bought tickets, so we met at the arena at 6:00, because we like... Read more →


I have misplaced my iPod. I know I had it on Christmas morning, because I was shifting purses. Joe gave me a Snazzy New Bag (in eggplant!) for Christmas, and I was transferring everything from my backpack-y utilitarian non-purse into it. The Snazzy New Bag is smaller than the backpack-y non-purse, so I was shuffling things around to see if everything would settle into some sort of order. I couldn't make everything work out before... Read more →

Ten Things About January 2007

We spent yesterday lolling around a good deal, because taking Mom out to lunch wore us out. We went to a new Longhorn Steakhouse, where Mom ordered the same thing that I did without bothering to read the description (7 Pepper Sirloin Salad). It came and practically burned her lips off, it was so peppery. I thought for sure the lunch would crash and burn right then and there, but the staff was wonderful. They... Read more →

I've Been Lazy Long Enough

Our New Year's Eve celebration was muted this year, and that was just fine with me. We had a lovely dinner at Ri Ra, an Irish pub and restaurant, and were back home relaxing by 8:00. Then we discovered the Marx Brothers marathon on Turner Classic Movies and that was that. We watched the ball drop at midnight amid kisses and toasting with sparking cider, and dropped gratefully into bed. We are such party animals,... Read more →