Double Nickel
The Closer You Get, the Slower You Go

Off to Scrap

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!

The concert was fabulous. The venue is small enough that the boys could come down off the stage into the audience and sing some beautiful acoustic pieces -- no amplification, but still loud enough for everyone to hear the perfect harmonies. And the electric stuff rocked. the. house.

The girl doc appointment went fine -- I have great bones, in case you were wondering.

And now we're packing up to head to the annual scrapbook cult marathon weekend. But before I go, I thought I'd share a question that came through my referral logs. Someone got to my blog with the following search:

What will happen if milk gets left out of the refrigerator?

Well, Red Nose is a full-service blog, so here's the answer:

It gets funky.

By the way, the definition of funky: if it sounds funky, it's good; if it smells funky, it's bad. (Props to Sinbad.)

May you have a (good) funky and fine weekend.