The Bev Sykes Meme
Ten Things About January 2007

I've Been Lazy Long Enough

Our New Year's Eve celebration was muted this year, and that was just fine with me. We had a lovely dinner at Ri Ra, an Irish pub and restaurant, and were back home relaxing by 8:00. Then we discovered the Marx Brothers marathon on Turner Classic Movies and that was that. We watched the ball drop at midnight amid kisses and toasting with sparking cider, and dropped gratefully into bed.

We are such party animals, I don't know how we manage to maintain such a jet-set lifestyle.

In any case, here it is -- January 1, 2007. Time for resolutions?

I don't do so well with resolutions. But I do have some goals for this coming year:

First, I've got to get my health under control. And by "health", I mean my eating. I'm sick of gaining, gaining, gaining weight. I'm ready to start eating right (and by "right", I mean "less"); I'm ready to start exercising properly again. So I will. Honest. Just you wait.

Second, time to finish the book sequel, once and for all. I have one small section yet to write, then I grit my teeth and send it off to a critique group. I'll continue to go to my writing group, too. They're fine folks and I enjoy my evenings with them.

Third, I'll continue juggling. I may not get any better, but I'm going to continue juggling. Since I know I can do it, I'll practice juggling torches -- lit ones, that is -- so that I can say I juggle fire and mean it. I'll also practice integrating Mill's Mess so that I can go into it and get out of it seamlessly. That's enough for a dilettante!

So how's that for a year's worth of work?