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Ten Things I Did Over The Last Four Days

Oh, hi! Sorry to have disappeared like that. I'll make it up to you, honest. Just so you know I wasn't reclining on my chaise lounge watching soap operas and eating bon-bons, here are ten things that have happened in the last four days. 1. We got the living room and stairwell painted a refreshing bright white. We almost don't need lights! 2. Because we had to unload and then move the living room furniture... Read more →

I Feared for Her Dress

You know, I don't play in the middle of the street, because that's where the cars are, and the cars are usually going fast enough to hurt me. Evidently not everyone feels this way. Last Saturday, Joe and I were on our way to our lovely joint birthday dinner, when we stopped at a red light on the main drag in downtown Frederick, Maryland. As soon as the light turned and the traffic stopped, a... Read more →

Working Even in My Dreams

LA and Jenn did it, so how could I resist? Your Birthdate: January 18 You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause. You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too. Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others. You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to... Read more →

The Closer You Get, the Slower You Go

Whew! Another scrapbook weekend, another album done, another set of birthdays in the books. As usual, the weekend was lots of work but lots of fun. It's pretty wild to see over 200 women assembled in one huge hotel ballroom scrapping away. Some of them are intensely into this -- they bring their own special lights; they set up racks to hold myriad papers, countless decorative scissors, hundreds of pens; they have squillions of painstakingly... Read more →

Off to Scrap

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! The concert was fabulous. The venue is small enough that the boys could come down off the stage into the audience and sing some beautiful acoustic pieces -- no amplification, but still loud enough for everyone to hear the perfect harmonies. And the electric stuff rocked. the. house. The girl doc appointment went fine -- I have great bones, in case you were wondering. And now we're packing... Read more →

Double Nickel

Folks, today is my birthday! I'm 55 years old today -- an age I thought I'd never be. Frankly, given some of my past exploits, it's kind of amazing that I made it. Joe and I are going the the subdudes in concert tonight, which should be super. I love the subdudes. I first heard them in the late 90s while driving around the bay area listening to KFOG, but I've never seen them live.... Read more →

Sixty-Five In A Zero-Mile Zone

Today the lovely and talented Meg wrote about a caffeine jag she inadvertantly went on when she was a studying the ins and outs of the magical java bean, and it reminded me of an experience I had during one long long night, long long ago. Long, long ago, when I was a young and stupid adventurous circus clown living in a Ford van, I had to drive home from my latest gig. The show... Read more →

Prison Songs and Sweet Killarney

When I was a little girl, my Pop used to sing to us. He didn't have much of a voice, but I loved sitting in his lap and listening to him croon. I really didn't comprehend the content of the lullabies he sang to me until I was a teenager, and it dawned on my that his repertoire included some of the most sad, depressing songs ever written. Then, when I took Folk Ballads 101... Read more →

Crazy Drivers -- Know Any?

All of you who said Alice's Restaurant were quite right -- but Stephanie gets the two pats on the head for being first! Pat, pat. Joe and I were on our way home from the movies (The Queen -- very good, I think Helen Mirren is amazing) when we noticed a car driving onto a closed part of the under-construction highway, just past a turn-off. "That idiot missed his turn!" said Joe. "Look -- he's... Read more →