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Not A Leg Lamp!

Today I won a major award!

Okay, not really, but I did win a prize for being among the first 100 employees to complete an emergency evacuation quiz. I had no clue I was among the winners until the folks actually delivered my major award:

A Ready Kit: 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit

Not only did I get the spiffy bright orange backpack, I got the spiffy bright orange backpack stuffed to the gunwales with all kinds of cool stuff guaranteed to keep me in the land of the living for three whole days!


The kit has all kinds of useful gadgets, including a flashlight, work gloves, rubber gloves, space blankets, a plastic bottle for bleach (I know this because it's labeled "Bleach"), a Snap Light (in case the flashlight doesn't work, I guess), a dust mask, heavy plastic for sealing windows and vents, bright orange duct tape for attaching the heavy plastic on the windows and vents, a specialized little tool for cutting the heavy plastic with which to seal the windows and vents, a poncho, a first-aid kit, a plastic wrench, a little AM/FM radio, a tiny pack of tissues, and a whistle!

The assemblers of this kit thought of everything, because they even included the batteries for the flashlight and the radio.

And this little item really blew my skirt up, because now I know that I can stay clean as a whistle.


Yes! Biohazard waste disposal bags! Two of them!

Everything is color coordinated; that is, orange (more or less). The backpack itself has a water bottle net, a cell phone pocket, and two pen holders, all of which are priceless in an emergency, and a nice front pocket for stashing other vital things, like perhaps your iPod and lipstick.

But how do you stave off the hunger and thirst once you've sealed yourself inside and tuned your radio to CONELRAD? No worries, for there are 10 pouches (four ounces per pouch) of emergency drinking water, which I guess has extra special properties absent in non-emergency drinking water. And! Emergency rations -- a dozen bars, to be eaten in small bites, one every six hours.


I'm sure they're very tasty, aren't you?