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The Bev Sykes Meme

I started to do the End Of Year meme that a few Holidailies folks have done, then I tried my hand at a photographic lookback at 2006, but neither one has been too successful. Then I remembered! Bev created her very own meme, with interesting questions. So here, in lieu of reminiscenses and remembrances, regrets and rejoicing, it is. The Bev Sykes Interesting Questions Meme 1. Do you think the world will be a better... Read more →

Good Morning

Well, one thing's for sure: Camarones Al Ajo and Negra Modelo makes for a restless night. Finally, after the 6:30 bathroom run, Joe looked at me and said, "Last chance! Want to come with?" Heart triumphed over head. I pulled on some clothes, splashed some water on my face, and we went up to the beach to say Hello to the second last day of the year. Read more →

Goodbye, Mr. Sun

The sunsets are the best around here. I glimpse them from the living room, then grab the camera and walk across the street to where the road ends and the bay begins, and I get shots like these without even trying. Last night, after the sun sank, the clouds lit up in a brilliant blend of blue and pink, with a creamsicle center. Tonight the sun was a blaze of orange and cool slate, with... Read more →

The Ocean Is Open

How about a stroll on the famous Ocean City Boardwalk? At least we won't have to worry about the crowds! I kinda feel like some famous Thrasher's french fries. The people line up in the summer to get these tasty things. We'll get a large, and sprinkle some salt and malt vinegar on them... Damn. Oh well, how about some pizza? Piezano's is great, and it's right up the Boardwalk here... Damn. Okay, we'll go... Read more →

Not Much; You?

As I was getting ready to make up the pumpkin pies for dinner tonight, SonnyeBoy came in the door. "How about a movie?" he suggested. "I have free tickets." Pies could wait. Instead, we went to see Blood Diamond, which I thought was very good. I'll never look at a diamond quite the same way again, that's for sure. Leonardo DiCaprio was excellent -- and I'm not a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan. But now the... Read more →

The Fun Stuff

The family Christmas Eve was the usual collection of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and gramma, combined with wine, roast beef, and a chocolate fountain that refused to work properly. Here we are -- my older sis Joanne, my brother Jerry, my younger sis (and hostess!) Anne, my mom, and me. I think we all look pretty good for our combined age of 331! Yesterday, we had a lovely visit with SonnyeBoy and his sweety Ashley.... Read more →


This peaceful feeling before the festivities get underway is my favorite feeling. Everything's done -- at least, everything that I have to do is done. Well, I still haven't stuffed Joe's and SonnyeBoy's stockings, but I can leave that for later tonight, when Santa's on his way and Joe's eyes are getting heavy as he lolls in his chair. I just feel peaceful, a quiet kind of happy, tempered by a wish that everyone I... Read more →

Reading Is Fundamental

Evening before a day off I say to myself, "Ah! I shall sleep as late as I like tomorrow, for I have no obligations! I shall loll about in comfort and joy, dozing and drooling to my heart's content until practically lunchtime!" Then, of course, I'm stone awake at 6:00 in the morning. So I roll around for an hour, trying to find a position that doesn't aggravate my knee or make my arms (and... Read more →

Weird With A Beard*

Bev challenged Jim and me to come up with six weird things about ourselves. Hmm. Me, weird? All right, here we go. I must read the comics in a particular order. I like to save my favorite funnies for last, so I try to read the other funnies in a way that will ensure that. Luckily, my favorite (Mutts) is now on the last page of the weekday comics section, so I don't have to... Read more →