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Why Can't They Both Lose?

"I dunno... maybe an... earthquake?" suggested Joe.

See, the Giants (with Tiki motherfucking Barber) and the Cowboys (with Terrell motherfucking Owens) are currently playing a football game. We do not -- as you may have guessed -- like either one of these particular teams. We would be happy if they could both lose. Alas, that particular outcome is at best unlikely.

Such is the lot of the Washington Redskins fan these days.

The 'Skins game against the Falcons began with such promise, too. Touchdowns on each of their first two drives! Holes big enough to drive big rigs through! Long passes snatched out of the air!

Sigh. The Falcons got their act together and won, 24-14.

Oh, for the glory days of the 80s! I remember the Super Bowl win of the 1982 season -- SonnyeBoy was hanging out in his play pen when John Riggins broke a tackle and lumbered (for Riggo did not race) into the end zone to seal the deal against the Dolphins. Joe and I hollered so loud that SonnyeBoy broke out crying, poor lad. Maybe that's what caused the kid to root for the Broncos five years later when the 'Skins again won the Super Bowl. And then there was the 1991 season, when we won the Super Bowl against the Bills.

And then the long slide into mediocrity began.

This year has been disappointing, to say the least. I had such high hopes when Joe Gibbs returned, but somehow the team hasn't jelled. Oh, there have been flashes of amazingness and the occasional burst of brilliance and a couple instances of pure dumb luck, but for now I'd settle for consistent competence.

But I have hope. There's always next year.

Or the year after.

And maybe an earthquake...