Saturday Snack
Oh-KAY, Mr. Moskowitz!

Shaken AND Stirred

We went to see Casino Royale this weekend, and oh holy dear sweet Jesus, Daniel Craig as James Bond is hot.

Oh my yes, hellooooooo nurse!

Honestly, I like the movie a lot. It was quite clever, even from the opening scene. The action scenes were impossibly exciting, the coincidences far fetched and wonderful, the bad guys (and gals) were numerous, and I enjoyed every minute.

But over and above it all, I definitely approve of Mr. Craig as Mr. Bond. He's grittier, not nearly as urbane and polished as Mr. Connery and Mr. Brosnan (the only other two who count), earthier, and damn, combine those icy blue eyes with that smokin' hot bod (nearly all of which you get to see) and that there's a recipe for movie magic, let me tell you.

But the best line? Judi Dench had it, in my opinion, right at the beginning of the movie. She's storming down the hall, angry at Bond and the political situation in the world, when she says in total exasperation, "Jesus Christ! I miss the cold war!"

Go M!