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Not Just Veteran's Day

Not Quite Bonnie and Clyde Originally uploaded by Bozoette. Veteran's Day has always had two meanings in out family: the usual one, a day for honoring the country's vets, and another, more personal one. It's my parents' wedding anniversary. My mom first met my pop when they were kids. His family moved into the house behind hers, and the two families quickly became friends. My mom likes to say that she knew as soon as... Read more →

Love Is Being Silly With Friends

Happy Love Thursday! An Important Fashion Tip: Always make sure that the tongue matches the outfit. Nothing says "love" like a little silliness with a good friend! This picture was taken in Dallas, at the Mesquite Rodeo, in 2003. That's me on the right and my pal Andrea on the left -- we'd just finished some yummy blue-raspberry sno-cones and simply had to show off our bright blue tongues. See, I'm really only pretending to... Read more →

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

I bet you thought I was going to write about the elections, but you would be wrong. Well, maybe I'll just say that I'm very very happy at most of the outcomes. I'm a bit disappointed in Virginia for passing that stupid constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and any form of civil union, but in general, yay. I listened to Bush's press conference (on my lunch hour, OF COURSE) and was flabbergasted at his stupid,... Read more →

At Least I Get Three Holidays

This is the time of year when I can rely on several things happening: My sinuses have gone to hell. Despite the Flonase, despite spraying gallons of saline solution up my snoot, despite Sudafed and Advil Cold and Sinus and even homeofuckingpathic remedies up the wazoo, my sinuses are threatening to collapse into a steaming heap. I know. Neti pots. I may have to try it, as much as the thought makes me shudder. I... Read more →

No Worries, Please

I hear you, honest! There will be a sequel to Girl Clown, really. I've actually finished the second thorough edit of it. Gimme November for NaNoWriMo, then it's back to the sequel for finishing by the end of the year. Believe me, I can't wait either. Meanwhile, though: 48 things you probably never wanted to know in the first place. 1. FIRST NAME? Mary 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? No, unless you count the... Read more →

No, It's Not Another Girl Clown Novel

Okey-dokey then: Can I make it four in a row? So far, so good. I'm keeping up with the word count and the story's mostly making sense. Because I'm a little bored with Girl Clown stuff, I'm picking up something I put down several years ago. The inspiration for A Baby's Bones comes from a news article that I read in the Washington Post. It seems a homeowner was renovating an old house in DC,... Read more →

My Perfect Day

The marvelous Meg is asking everyone to answer a question every day, and today's question is "What would be your perfect day?" Meg wants to know: Where you would go What you would do Who you would take with you What you would eat … and some of the soundtrack for the day, if you can manage it! Then she said we could post our answers in our own blogs, so I am. My Perfect... Read more →

Love Is An Airbag Deployed

Yesterday Joe was driving down the road, minding his own business, when this woman decided to turn left in front of him. A UPS truck was stopped, leaving a small gap in the traffic. Evidently this woman thought no one was coming. Why she thought this is a mystery, because she there was no way she could see around the truck. Maybe she got tired of waiting for the traffic to clear. Maybe she thought... Read more →