Yes, We Have No Cats
After The Fall

Love Is Not Just Babies Sleeping Peacefully

Well, now I'm just being silly.

I'm back from another whirlwind work-related trip to Chicago. The actual trip was fine -- I got done what I needed to get done, I got to stay at quite a nice boutique-y hotel, I got a free glass of wine because of said boutique-y hotel's afternoon wine reception.

I also realized that I'm getting pretty comfortable with hoofing it around Chicago. When I looked at the map to locate the hotel, I saw that it was quite close to the blue line train from O'Hare, meaning I could save the company about forty bucks. Bonus!

Even better, Terminal 3 (American) at O'Scare is only about two miles from the train, as opposed to Terminal 1 (United), which is at least 102 miles from the train. But the key thing is that when I got off the train, I chose the correct exit, and then -- and this is the miracle -- I chose the correct direction to get to the hotel! And I did this because I actually recognized a building and knew that if that building was there, then the lake was there, which meant that the hotel would be to the right.

And it was! What's next? Knowledge of the actual streets?

But be that as it may, the thing I dislike about these whirlwind trips is getting up the next day and going to work. I firmly believe that when you travel for business, you should automatically get the next day off. Alas, such is not the case, regardless of my beliefs.

So I got up (I did treat myself to a five-minute hit of the snooze button) and got ready for work. Then I went back into the bedroom to get my watch and saw Joe all snuggled up sleeping. And I thought: He's so cute when he's sleeping!

I could not let this go, especially on Love Thursday.