After The Fall
You Go, Girl!

Inky and Stinky

It was a pretty intense weekend. I spent Saturday with the gals from the Scrapbook Cult and got a good start on a new scrapbook of my New Orleans pictures. I spent Sunday with Mom, catering to her every whim. My brother's ex-wife came over with lunch, then later on my niece came over with dinner. Despite the visits, I got pretty bored sitting around watching the Redskins lose, so I told Mom we were going for a ride.

She perched some sunglasses on her nose to hide her remarkable resemblance to Rocky Racoon, and we drove out to the sticks, so she could marvel over the lack of leaves on the trees and freak out over the new developments popping up like mushrooms.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted today. But in response to popular demand, I present:

Inky and Stinky!

This first picture shows Inky relaxing under my desk. This was right after he came sneaking in to explore this strange place where the food sources lived.


The next day, Stinky braved the stoop. He sat outside and stared in through the door, ready to bolt at the first sign of incursion. Meanwhile, Inky tries to interest his brother in the endless bowl of crunchies.


Finally, Stinky relaxes enough to join Inky in a meal.


They still won't let us get too near them. If we're really still when one of the other decides to come inside to get warm or to explore, then they'll come right up to us. But if we move a muscle, they bolt straight out the door.

Soon though. We're hopeful that we'll be able to get into the carrier and get them to the vet for fixing, shots, and overall doctoring.