Love Is Not Just Babies Sleeping Peacefully
Inky and Stinky

After The Fall

It was one of "those" phone calls -- you know, the kind that come just when you're sitting down to breakfast, when you haven't had a sip of coffee yet, when no one calls you except to tell you bad news.

My sister's name flashed up on the Caller ID and I knew immediately that this was a "mom call," as in "Mom's in the hospital again." So I answered with a "What now?" and she gave me the low down.

Mom had gotten up, same as every day, and gone to the bathroom. As she got up from the toilet, she had a dizzy spell, or lost her balance, or tripped on her pajama pants, or something like that, and she fell.

But she didn't just go down, she bonked her face on the sharp corner of the wall, splitting open the bridge of her nose and laying a great big egg in the middle of her forehead. She screamed.

Luckily, my brother was in his room making his bed and was there in two steps, lifting her up and stanching the wound. (He's a physician's assistant, so that helps.) He got the bleeding stopped and called the ambulance. He then called my sister, and then he called me. He had to get to work (he was covering the early shift and was the only one there), so I got to go.

Sure enough, there she was in a trauma room, with a lovely two-inch slit gaping open and oozing blood. The doc was there, getting ready to stitch her up. He was young and cute, so of course my mom was flirting with him outrageously. (That's when I knew she'd be okay.)

I watched while he put in six stitches. Mom was quite the trooper, never even flinching. Then she got head and face CT scans, and head and chest X-rays. Nothing broken, thank God.

Joe arrived. While perusing the layout of the trauma room, we noticed this addition to the labeling on the supply chest:


Who knew? (By the way, do you know what an ovassapian airway is?)

So. The doc released her around noon and my sister and I took her home. She changed into clean jammies and immediately went to bed for a two-hour nap. When she woke up, both eyes had blackened quite spectacularly, making her look like a racoon.

"Are you putting a picture in that blog thing?" "Why yes, yes I am."

Later on, after she had something to eat and got caught up on her meds, she took a shower. She perked up quite a bit after that -- such is the power of a good shower. My sister left, my brother got home, my nephew called to say he'd bring her some beef and broccoli, we figured out weekend duty, and my work for the day was done.

And I can breathe again, at least until the next phone call.