Iron Jaw, Are You Ready?
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Trick or Treat

Trick: Two-hour commute into work this morning, all because a fucking Mercedes Benz was broken down in the right lane, causing a six-mile backup.

Treat: The Tin Man walking outside my building, advertising the company's Help the Homeless bake sale. I helped myself to a slab of sour cream coffee cake with maple glaze. Mmmm.... soothes the sting of the commute.

Trick: Forgot to bring my beautiful, feathered purple Mardi Gras mask into work.

Treat: No annoying emails.

Trick: Dentist appointment this afternoon, for a filling. Can't help thinking about Marathon Man, for some reason.

Treat: Novocaine. And lots of it.

Trick: It's going to be 75 degrees here today, and I'm wearing a really heavy sweater, which modesty prevents me from removing.

Treat: It's going to be 75 degrees here today!

Trick: Yoga class tonight, meaning I will miss the cute little trick or treaters and arrive home in time for the teenage thug trick or treaters. "What are you dressed up as?" "A criminal." "Here, take all the candy you want. And $20."

Treat: Leftover Snickers. And quite possibly Kit Kat.

Trick: The deer are all over the roads in the evening; I almost plowed into one last night on my way home.

Treat: It could be worse.

Happy Halloween!