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Run To The Country

Looking Toward West Virginia
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So you know how we recently ran away to the city?

This weekend we ran away to the country. We packed our backpacks with sweatshirts and woolly socks and headed west to Cumberland to spend the weekend with Joe's sister and her wonderful family.

We had a wonderful visit. The sky cleared as we pulled through the woods and climbed up the ridge to the hexagonal log home. We visited, we ate, we drank coffee, we laughed. We played with babies, toured around the town to see what was new, listened to rain and falling acorns, and watched the woodpeckers and goldfinches snack on seed.

It was a weekend to relax and recharge. To look at the river and gaze at the mountains. To sit on the porch and solve the worlds' problems and scritch a cat behind the ears. To sleep under quilts while the fresh, clean, rainwashed breeze filled the room.

On the way home, we saw three rainbows.