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Love Is A Party with Elvis

Renewing Our Vows 3 Originally uploaded by Bozoette. Joe and I celebrated our silver anniversary on June 21, 2005. (I keep telling people that we got married in 1980 because the math would be easier.) We had grand visions of a romantic trip to Ireland, a week at a fancy spa, a high-toned stay at the Greenbrier. We did none of that. We went to Las Vegas! One of my best friends from my circus... Read more →

Rule One: Don't Forget to Breathe

I feel like I've been pulled in a million different directions today. Work directions -- Too much to do and yet I can't seem to focus in on any of it. Email! Edit! Sign this card! Schedule this class! Con call! Home directions -- Decide on a real-estate agent! Pay more bills! Give more stuff away! Inch of dust on the dresser! Gotta go to Target! No, Chicos! No, Target, dammit! Other directions -- Pick... Read more →

Quarter-Century Newsletter: Month 300

Dear SonnyeBoy, Today you turn 300 months old*. Where has the time gone? Two weeks ago you were eating pizza and making silly faces at us; last month you tried to stuff all of your clothes down the toilet while I was bringing in groceries; last year I was counting your fingers and toes and marveling at how damn long it took you to finally be born. Eating pizza and making faces. Last week you... Read more →

C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

Joe's in Ocean City for a little father-son bonding weekend, so I had the TV to myself this evening. Ah! So much from which to choose! Plenty of chick flicks, BritComs on PBS, the all Law and Order all the time channel, and... the hockey game -- the Capitals home opener. I was so disappointed when my Caps lost their opening game to the Rangers, especially because goddamn Jaromir Jagr scored 29 seconds into the... Read more →

The Stupidest Prize

My pal Stephanie wants to know how my brother set the woods on the fire and how I managed to choose the stupidest prize on the local kiddie show. I live to serve. I really don't remember all that much about my brother and the woods -- but I do know that he and his buddy Michael Feeney were playing with matches in the woods, with predictable results. It wasn't a huge fire, but the... Read more →

Love Is A Big Old Family Party

Yesterday the lovely Karen posted a really neat video as inspiration for today's Love Thursday. Go on, go watch it. Because of that, I decided to feature a "hug" picture. But first, an explanation is in order. Every Christmas Eve, my family gets together. We try, as best we can, to gather the entire clan, but we've grown so big that it's pretty much impossible to fit everyone in the same place. Last year the... Read more →

I Should Have Just Had A Martini

I'm suffering though the remnants of a NyQuil hangover today. It all started with a rather impressive mood swing, something I haven't had regularly since the doctor replaced my hormones, and it just kicked my ass. It started late yesterday afternoon, just the usual sort of "poor me" nonsense that I seem to randomly indulge in, probably kicked off by reports of nutcases executing little girls and stupid congressmen indulging in cyber-slap and tickle with... Read more →

Run To The Country

Looking Toward West Virginia Originally uploaded by Bozoette. So you know how we recently ran away to the city? This weekend we ran away to the country. We packed our backpacks with sweatshirts and woolly socks and headed west to Cumberland to spend the weekend with Joe's sister and her wonderful family. We had a wonderful visit. The sky cleared as we pulled through the woods and climbed up the ridge to the hexagonal log... Read more →