Love Is A Party with Elvis
Breakfast at Cafe du Monde

My Bags Are Packed

I got everything on the List Of Things To Bring, including work gloves, rubber gloves, bug repellent, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

I've packed sturdy shoes, jeans, shorts (it's gonna be in the 80s!), and a whole slew of tee-shirts. Oh, and a nice pair of khaki capri pants and a nice top, because I'm working a Volunteers of America golf tournament fundraiser on Monday. I hope I get the beer concession! After that? I'll be rebuilding houses in the Treme neighborhood, helping kids at a charter school, and working at St. Raphael's church.

I'll be eating really well, too. I've got lots of restaurant recommendations (thanks Chuck!) and one confirmed reservation. I'm planning on hearing some damn good music too, even if I have to drag my ass into a club.

All that's left to pack is my laptop, my toiletries, and my juggling balls.

Drop me off in New Orleans, dawlin'!