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Luckily, It Wasn't Completely Depressing

  Bourbon Street 
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You may think, given my last few entries, that my trip to New Orlean was a complete downer.

Such is not the case.

The French Quarter is still an amazing party scene, with folks lurching along Bourbon Street with beers in hand and beads on necks. In fact, you can even see beads in the trees on a sunny Sunday morning.

The jazz bars, the titty bars, the gay bars, the karaoke bars... all the bars are swinging every night of the week. The restaurants in town are packed -- we had to wait about 45 minutes for a table at Red Fish Grill. Some of the folks in my group couldn't get into Emeril's without a reservation. I'm really glad we had one at Cafe Adelaide; that was a splendid, splendid meal!

So Thursday night, after yet another delicious meal at Cochon, a bunch of us trooped on into the Quarter and found ourselves at The Cat's Meow, a wonderful karaoke bar. We had a blast! The whole group sang Love Shack, our Jamaican-born guys did an excellent rendition of It Wasn't Me, and two of our very talented young women rocked Material Girl. I, of course, shook my butt to a big group sing of Baby Got Back, led by the excellent MC. Such a tender love song it is!

We happily left our money all over New Orleans, at restaurants and bars and gift shops and candy stores. Every cent counts; every dollar boosts the city just a little bit more. The billboards around the city proclaim "Laissez le economy rouler!"

Meanwhile, though, a little bon temps is a very good thing.

Toute la nuit, bebe!