Luckily, It Wasn't Completely Depressing
Iron Jaw, Are You Ready?

Love Is Delicious

Finlanddonut_1Right around this time of year in 2003, Joe and i went to Tampere, Finland. I went on STC business; Joe came along for the ride.

It was wonderful -- crisp, cold, and caffeinated! Maybe it's because it's dark six months out of the year, but the Finns know from coffee. It's hot, strong, and invigorating. Joe totally fell in love with the steaming brew.

The morning before we left, we hiked through the city to the gorgeous park at Pyynikki. Pyynikki sits on a ridge that dates from the ice ages; it's the highest point in Finland.

The observation tower -- which dates from World War II -- offers a 360 degree view of the two huge lakes on either side of the city. It's a stunning view of a beautiful city.

More to the point, though, is the fact that the coffee shop at the base of the tower serves good, strong coffee and delicious doughnuts. In fact, these doughnuts are renowned as the best doughnuts in the city! Ya gotta love it!

So for Love Thursday, here's a shot of Joe with a cup of joe. Because love can be deep, profound, and also quite delicious, even when you're close to the top of the world.