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Love Is A Party with Elvis

Renewing Our Vows 3
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Joe and I celebrated our silver anniversary on June 21, 2005. (I keep telling people that we got married in 1980 because the math would be easier.)

We had grand visions of a romantic trip to Ireland, a week at a fancy spa, a high-toned stay at the Greenbrier.

We did none of that. We went to Las Vegas!

One of my best friends from my circus days had reconnected with me (miracle!). She lives in Vegas, and invited us to come out for our anniversary. How could we refuse that?

One of my old Clown College classmates runs an entertainment business out of Vegas, and he ensured that Elvis came by to lead us in renewing our vows.

We danced to the jailhouse rock, we avoided stepping on our blue suede shoes, and we stayed away from Heartbreak Hotel.

Love me tender for Love Thursday? So long as you mix it with a little rock and roll, you bet.