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Iron Jaw, Are You Ready?

My old clown partner, Steve Russell, sent me some memories of our season on Famous Hunt's Circus, way back in 1978. I had to smile when I saw this photo of a gag that I blatantly ripped off from my classmates at Clown College.

The gag's called Iron Jaw. It's so simple, and yet so stupid, that it always manages to get a laugh.

The one and only prop is made up of a ring, a length of elastic, and a sports mouth guard.


I hold the ring in my hand as Iron Jaw puts the guard in his mouth and walks backward, stretching the elastic to the limit.

And I announce:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Iron Jaw will now attempt to catch this ring on his head! This is a very dangerous feat, requiring split-second timing and enormous agility!

I turn to Iron Jaw.


And Iron Jaw yells:


And the mouth guard flies at me, knocks me down, and we end with the Obligatory Clown Chase-off.

Hmm. I guess you had to be there...