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Renaissance Fair? Actually, Renaissance Good!

Joe and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair with some good friends last weekend, and a goodly tyme was had by all. I ate a Renaissance Turkey Leg, a Renaissance dish of ice cream, and had a Renaissance Pepsi. The weather was good -- not too hot, although way too hot to sit in the blazing sun to watch Ye Olde Joust. No matter -- there were plenty of great shows in the shady... Read more →

How Stupid Do You Have To Be?

Today is primary election day in Montgomery County, Maryland. Now, there are people who skip the primaries, but I am not one of them. The polls opened at 7:00 AM. I arrived at 7:10 AM. As I walked into the voting room, a very disgruntled couple walked out and muttered to me, "Don't bother." Now that's a bit weird, I thought. Yes, there were a few people, but it wasn't particularly crowded. I figured I... Read more →

A Day Like Any Other

At 8:46 am, September 11, 2001, I was stuck in traffic, listening to Ben Folds play live on Elliot In The Morning. The "Breaking News" sound effect came on and Diane announced that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center Tower. "Oh my God," I thought, thinking a Cessna or something similar had gone off course and hit the tower. It wasn't until I was in my office, coping with the upcoming day's... Read more →

Love Comes By Telegram

For Love Thursday today, how about something a little different? I was going through some old photos and mementos of my mom's the other day. Among the school photographs, news clippings, and even a Spiritual Bouquet that my younger sister made when she was eight, I found this telegram: It's from my pop to my mom, sent on her birthday in 1940. They'd been married almost seven years; my older sister was going on four.... Read more →

The Giant Grasshopper

The Giant Grasshopper Originally uploaded by Bozoette. So we're just sitting around in the living room, vegged out in front of the tube, watching something or other, when SPLAT! We look in the direction of the sound, and there it was: a big old grasshopper had landed on the door. I haven't seen a grasshopper in years, especially one as big as this one was -- it was a good three inches long! When I... Read more →

Church of The Donut

Pink and Green and Very Fast Originally uploaded by Bozoette. Very close to our house, in the parking lot of the Dunkin' Donuts, the car buffs gather every Sunday to gaze at big block engines, admire beautiful restorations, swoon over original paint. From tricked-out hot rods to classic pony cars to scary Jeeps -- all makes and models are gathered at the weekly museum of automotive excellence. The owners stand by their babies, explaining the... Read more →