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Love Is A Circus

Yes, I know -- there are a lot of children of all ages who are scared of clowns. They're loud, and the makeup is scary, and they get up in your face, and they practically demand that you laugh at them! But there are lovable clowns. Honest! I like to think that I was one -- when a kid acted scared of me, I immediately backed off and acted more scared of them. It worked most of the time!

Anyway, I know that not all kids are scared of clowns. In fact, some of them love clowns! So, for Love Thursday, I present proof:


I took this picture in 1978, when I worked for Famous Hunt's Circus. Steve had a wonderful, gentle way with kids, and they flocked to him, as you can see.  It amazes me to think that these little kids are all in their 30s now!

And Steve? Still clowning around!