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Fall: Ten Things I Like and Ten Things I Hate

Ten Things I Like About Fall

  1. Colorful trees. I always seem to plan a trip driving along Skyline Drive, but I never seem to do it, probably because everyone else in this area does seem to do it. Bumper-to-bumper traffic along a twisty mountain road is not conducive to that peaceful, easy feeling. Luckily, there's plenty of color along Rock Creek Parkway and in my own neighborhood.
  2. Chilly nights. At last, no more waking up in a pool of sweat from hot, humid nights! Break out the blankets; I'm ready to build a cozy cocoon.
  3. The bluest skies. When the summer haze clears out, the sky deepens and brightens to a limitless blue. I could gaze at it all day.
  4. Afternoon light. When the sun rides close to the horizon and the light slants in from the side, the trees blaze. I love that light, even though it means it'll be night soon.
  5. The smell of wood smoke. For some reason, I find the smell of wood smoke very soothing.
  6. Hot apple cider.
  7. Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  8. The beach. I love the beach in the fall. The days can still be warm enough to sit on the beach, the water can even be warm enough for swimming, the drunks and teenagers are mostly gone, and the traffic is actually manageable.
  9. Sweats and hoodies and socks. Fall clothes are comfy -- at least mine are -- and yet it's not cold enough for a coat.
  10. Pumpkin pie. With whipped cream actually made from whipping cream! Now I know you can actually have pumpkin pie any time of year, but it's always better in the fall. Yes, it is!

Ten Things I Hate About Fall

  1. Darkness. I swear, I go into mourning as soon as I notice the sun setting at 7:30. I shed a tear or two when we fall back to standard time. I need light! I can very grumpy when I don't get enough light. Joe even bought me one of those extra-special natural light box thingies so I could get a good dose of light every day. It's so bright that we refer to it as The Sun, and it works (I think), but the real sun is better, oh yes oh yes.
  2. Cold rain, especially in the dark. Ugh.
  3. November, except for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving's good.
  4. Dead leaves and bare trees.
  5. Property tax bills, car insurance bills, and homeowner's insurance bills. They all come due in October round here.
  6. Listening to my mother complain about how fall just means death to her, and she'll never see another spring. Sadly, this time she might be right.
  7. Deer leaping in front of my car. October is mating season among the urban deer, and they tend to be most active at dusk and dawn, just when I'm driving to and from work. Man, I hate those fuckers.
  8. Did I mention darkness? I did? Okay.
  9. Knowing that it's going to get a lot colder before it get warmer.
  10. The Grey. This is the opposite of the leaf color and the bright blue skies and the golden afternoon light. It's the relentless grey of late autumn, when the dead leaves crunch underfoot and the sky clouds over and hangs right over your head, and it's dark at 4:30.

So... let's pour some steaming hot cider and pass around the pumpkin pie, heavy on the whipped cream. I'll meet you in front of the fire, where we'll snuggle up on the sofa and listen to music and tell big lies and chase away the darkness.