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I Hope It's Not Recurring

Bring Your Own Shovel


Well, it just makes sense, doesn't it? Cemeteries are bound to have some extra. I just hope the takers don't have to dig it up themselves. Skimming it off the top of the "finished product" might not be so bad, though.

I am SO going to hell.

Anyway, Stephanie asked about my "eating bugs" answer from yesterday's entry. It's true, I have eaten bugs. I don't remember this, but my brother swears to it. I was 18 months and the area was in the midst of a 17-year cicada plague. We had a large backyard, so Mom let us roam around while she gardened or swept up the cicada husks from the patio. My older brother -- as many older brothers would -- handed me a cicada. I -- as many 18-month old kiddies would -- immediately stuck it in my mouth and ate it. I evidently enjoyed the tangy insect, for I continued to select juicy cicada morsels and chow down. My mother, seeing my brother so fascinated with me, investigated and promptly put a stop to my gustatory experimentation.

So yeah. Bugs, but not paste. I wonder what dirt tastes like? After all, I know where I could get some for free...