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Love Is A Circus

Yes, I know -- there are a lot of children of all ages who are scared of clowns. They're loud, and the makeup is scary, and they get up in your face, and they practically demand that you laugh at them! But there are lovable clowns. Honest! I like to think that I was one -- when a kid acted scared of me, I immediately backed off and acted more scared of them. It worked... Read more →

Bring Your Own Shovel

Well, it just makes sense, doesn't it? Cemeteries are bound to have some extra. I just hope the takers don't have to dig it up themselves. Skimming it off the top of the "finished product" might not be so bad, though. I am SO going to hell. Anyway, Stephanie asked about my "eating bugs" answer from yesterday's entry. It's true, I have eaten bugs. I don't remember this, but my brother swears to it. I... Read more →

Questions Questions Questions

All right, Bev, I'll bite! Actually, Bev got this one from Stilettos and Sneakers. She condensed it a bit -- I am therefore doing the Beverly Sykes Condensed Version of A Long-ish Question Meme. Do you hate more than 3 people? Hate. Hmm. Yes -- I hate more than three people, but none of them know me. I hate from afar. What is your favorite candy bar? Heath bar, followed by Goldenberg's Peanut Chews and... Read more →

Love Spans Generations

Two Girls and Their Mom Originally uploaded by Bozoette. This photograph was taken in 1914. There's my mother on the left, my aunt in the middle, and my grandmother on the right. My gramma is the only grandparent I ever knew. She was almost 70 when I was born, so I only remember her as an old woman, an old woman with arthritic knees who walked with a cane, who ironed her sheets on a... Read more →

Fall: Ten Things I Like and Ten Things I Hate

Ten Things I Like About Fall Colorful trees. I always seem to plan a trip driving along Skyline Drive, but I never seem to do it, probably because everyone else in this area does seem to do it. Bumper-to-bumper traffic along a twisty mountain road is not conducive to that peaceful, easy feeling. Luckily, there's plenty of color along Rock Creek Parkway and in my own neighborhood. Chilly nights. At last, no more waking up... Read more →

R! Well, Actually, W!

Ahoy, maties, today's shot across the bow is all about the ostentatiously trendy place we stayed over the weekend: The W Hotel, City Center, Chicago. Friendlier staff you never will meet. There were people opening doors for us, chatting us up in the elevators, greeting us from the concierge desk, bringing us breakfast. Unfortunately, we could barely see them. None of the lights in this joint are more than 25 watts, generating an ambiance that... Read more →

Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues

It's true, but only in the very best of senses. I love The Blues. I can't remember when I first discovered The Blues as The Blues. It was probably more of a slow evolution in my musical taste, from Beatles to Motown to Cream to the Stones to Janis -- ah, there's a connection for you! Then I fell for Bonnie Raitt and it was all over, because Bonnie Raitt opened my eyes to Bessie... Read more →

Friday's Feast

Oh, damn, I hear you cry, another meme! Tough! I'm about to leave for the airport for a weekend with pretty amazing people, so I'm a little pressed for time. But just think of the great stuff you'll next week! Photos! Gossip! Revelry! Meanwhile... feast on Friday's Feast: Appetizer What was the very last song you listened to? I'll Fly Away, sung by Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch, from the soundtrack to O Brother, Where... Read more →

Love Walks in The Park

For Love Thursday today, love of a different sort. I was walking in Central Park in Manhattan, my first foray into that beautiful space, when I saw these two old guys helping each other walk along the path. I thought about the old Simon and Garfunkel tune, Old Friends: "Old friends. Winter companions, The old men Lost in their overcoats, Waiting for the sunset. The sounds of the city, Sifting through trees, Settle like dust... Read more →