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Love Can Be Surprising

It's Love Thursday once again, thanks to Karen and Irene! Here's a picture of two friends of ours at their wedding. Andy (the groom) and Joe have been friends since their high school days, so we were delighted to attend his wedding in Savannah in December, 2004. Personally, I have always referred to Andy as The Handsomest Man In The World, so it was kind of a wrench to see him get hitched after being... Read more →

A List of a Bunch of Stuff

Here's a bunch of stuff in random order. In Helsinki, it's around four o'clock in the morning. We are getting four new windows tomorrow, replacing the windows in our bedroom and in the two little bedrooms. School has started again; therefore, traffic sucks. I'm really tired, even though it's not even ten o'clock here in DC. But I also really want to stay awake for Rescue Me. I need my Tommy Gavin fix. Casablanca really... Read more →

Painting and Persistence Pays

Yay! I just won a Spider Solitaire Four Suits game, which is a pretty good way to wind down a busy weekend. Why yes. It has been a busy, busy weekend here at chez Red Nose. Shall I, as the hipsters say, break it down for you? On the home improvement front, we made significant progress in the Will We Ever Get This House Ready To Sell? project. On Wednesday, the latest in the our... Read more →

Physical Therapy Can Be Fun, She Told Herself

I have been suffering through enduring attending physical therapy sessions for my knees, so as to realign my kneecaps properly. (Am I the only person with misaligned kneecaps?) Anyway, I have come to the realization that all physical therapists are soft-spoken sadists with mean streaks. I'm telling you, the equipment alone is very misleading. I mean, there are lots of innocuous tables that look like they could be quite nice for grabbing a nice nap,... Read more →

Love Is On The Web

Karen, from over at Chookooloonks, and Irene, from Momster, have created a sweet new meme: Love Thursday. In the nutshell, every Thursday you post a picture whose theme is love -- any kind of love -- and then post the permalink over at Chookooloonks. Here's mine: This shot was one of those fantastically lucky occurrences where the stars align and you happen to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. It's... Read more →

Could This Possibly Be Overkill?

Office moves are in progress at my company, so a lot of folks have been busy cleaning out their cubicles, recycling unneeded manuals, tossing junk, and leaving unwanted office paraphernalia in the pantry in case someone wants to adopt it. This morning we found the following notice on one such piece of equipment: I know the text is kind of fuzzy, so I reprint the text for you here, with all capitalization intact, but with... Read more →

All Right, All Right!

I guess I can't away with no pictures of the new haircut, huh. Okay, here you go! This is the best photo of about a dozen. I tried to take one right after I left the salon, so you could see the it all its salon-styled, spray-gelled, diffuser-dried glory, but none of them were any good. I took this one today, so you get to see how it normally looks. (That's my kitchen wall in... Read more →

I Want To Believe It's Magic

We saw The Illusionist yesterday, a new movie starring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel. It's a lost-love-found and bad-guys-subverted-in-clever-ways plot, with elements of The Shawshank Redemption and The Usual Suspects. The acting is excellent, the costumes gorgeous, the cinematography perfect. But that's not why I loved it. I loved it for the magic. I know a little bit about magic -- the magic of sleight-of-hand manipulation, the magic of big illusions. I can... Read more →

Back to the SA-lon

All right, I've given in. I'm getting a haircut this afternoon. I'm thinking short, but not too short. Maybe chin length. Something cute and current but not too far out there, something easy to take of but that looks good. I know what I don't want. I don't want the helmet. I don't want the middle-aged woman's short cut with the triangular sideburns. I don't want bangs that will be hanging in my eyes one... Read more →