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Yes -- It's Been That Long

Wedding I met Joe in April, 1979.

We went on our first date in August, 1979.

We got engaged in December, 1979.

On June 21, 1980, Joe and I got married.

Yes, today is our 26th anniversary.

People sometimes seem surprised that we've been married for so long.

I'm not. Something was simply right about us -- tastes, worldview, interests -- call it what you will; I like to think that we just fit together. There was none of the drama, none of the angst of my previous romances. No worrying or wondering if he really liked me or if I was just filler. I looked at Joe and I felt like I was home. I knew it was love.

Oh, that's not to say that we haven't stumbled through the years. But the love -- ah, the love -- has always been there, wrapping us up and holding us. The love made us want to work at and work through the misunderstandings and the missteps; the love helped us open up our dark places to each other; the love makes the good times great.

And a good dose of laughter. That helps. Yeah. That helps a lot.