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Shiva Juggles

Shiva Juggles
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Thanks for all your nice comments about my journalistic debut -- my mom called me this morning in a true dither about it. I didn't tell her about it, so it came as a big surprise, just like I planned! Also, I must give credit to the lovely and talented Weetabix, who took my new blog photo. (I reddened up my nose, though.) Thanks, Weet!

Anyway, back to juggling! The annual Congress of Juggling was lots of fun! I got to see a whole host of wonderful jugglers, I got to juggle, and I actually learned a few new tricks!

Well, let me revise that slightly. I learned how to do a few new tricks. Now I have to practice them until I can actually do them! But that's the fun of juggling.

For example, this picture shows my young friends Tara and Amy doing a four-club walkaround. What this means is that Tara starts juggling three clubs, while Amy waits beside her with the fourth. Amy throws the fourth club into the mix, then moves around behind Tara to pick up a club from the other side. She then steps in front and take over the pattern. And so on.

Clear? I thought not. I guess you -- wait for it -- had to be there.

But even so, there were some fabulous things going on, including the national footbagging championships. This ain't your daddy's hacky-sack stuff; this is amazing manipulation of a tiny little footbag! Joe has always scoffed mildly at the footbaggers. But when he saw the demonstration at the show, he turned to me and said, "I take back everything I ever said about them. That's unbelievable!"

The rest of the show was just as good, especially the damn kids who can juggle far far better than most of the adults. I heard threats having to do with riding unicycles over their fingers. After the show, the juggling continued, only things got a lot hotter.

The only bummer was that I didn't win anything at the raffle. Wait, I take that back. I'm actually glad that I didn't win the "Juggling Goddess" thong.