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Catching -- and Throwing

Time for another Congress of Juggling! I got to Ritchie Coliseum yesterday evening and signed in, bought my tee-shirt and raffle tickets, and chatted with the kids at the sign-in desk. I stuck my iPod in my ears and juggled away for quite a while, getting warmed up and having fun -- try doing the Cha-Cha Slide while juggling for a roaring good time. (Heh.) These guys -- even though they look it -- are... Read more →

Evidently I'm A Honda Accord

On the way home from work today, I decided to listen to All Things Considered because I didn't feel like fishing out the iPod and hooking it up. I know, it takes all of 30 seconds but I didn't feel like it, okay? O-kay, then. Anyhow, Michele Norris interviewed John Lasseter today -- he directed the newest Pixar flick, Cars. He talked at one point about how he's always loved cars and driving, and how... Read more →

I, I, I

I found this meme over at Robyn's place, but as I was doing it I found that some of my answers magically turned into song lyrics. So here's a little contest, if you feel like a contest: Find the Song Lyrics For a pat on the head, tell me which ones are song lyrics, what song the lyric's from, and the singer. Bonus! Bonus! There are two other cultural references (for lack of a better... Read more →

I Am the Queen of Spackle

The Home Improvement Quest continues. The front hallway is now sparkly white -- it really looks great. (Anyone want to buy a townhouse in suburban DC?) I've decided to set teeny tiny goals for myself; goals that I can actually achieve in an hour or so. You'd think that a person wouldn't necessarily have to do that, but the prospect of getting the house in shape is so daunting sometimes -- PAINT! CLEAN! DECLUTTER! RECYCLE!... Read more →