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Auto Bio Meme-O

I have a bit of a headache, my knee seems to be seizing up, and I'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich. Time for a meme -- first seen at LA's place, then Stephanie's, Bev's, and Jim's. Part 1: The Birth of You Were you a planned baby? Not at all -- my mom had just converted to Catholicism. Hi! Pregnant! At 40! Were you the first? No, I was number four. Were your parents married... Read more →

Where Is Big Light In Sky?

So it's been raining, more or less, since Thursday, but yesterday was the ne plus ultra for rain here. The forecasters predicted torrential rains, high winds, lightning and thunder starting Saturday afternoon. So we rushed around in the morning to get everything done -- went over to Mom's, got her groceries, took her to lunch, set up the bridge tables and chairs -- before the heavy weather began. There was one splat of rain on... Read more →

Ten Things About Being The Parent Of A Grownup

This one is for all the parents of little ones. I think it was when SonnyeBoy graduated from the police academy that it hit me – I was the parent of a grown-up. Maybe it was the Sig Sauer on his hip, maybe it was that he changed his address so that he'd get his bills at his new place, maybe it was ... oh, I don't know. Anyway, in the interest of preparing you... Read more →

Yes -- It's Been That Long

I met Joe in April, 1979. We went on our first date in August, 1979. We got engaged in December, 1979. On June 21, 1980, Joe and I got married. Yes, today is our 26th anniversary. People sometimes seem surprised that we've been married for so long. I'm not. Something was simply right about us -- tastes, worldview, interests -- call it what you will; I like to think that we just fit together. There... Read more →

Embrace Your Inner Jackie O

"Well, you look so pretty in it Honey, can I jump on it sometime? Yes, I just wanna see If it's really that expensive kind You know it balances on your head Just like a mattress balances On a bottle of wine Your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat" --Bob Dylan Yes! I'm selling this gorgeous thing on eBay. My mom gave it to me, but it's way too small for my enormous noggin. So if... Read more →

I Have Gold-Plated Genes

We're heading down 'ee ocean this evening for the big celebration -- my Mom's birthday. She's 95. Yep. Ninety-five. She was born and raised just outside DC, she's lived within a five-mile radius all of her long long life. She remembers when Georgia Avenue -- now a six-lane major commuter route -- was a dirt road. Those were the days when everyone in the house ran to the front window to watch a car (a... Read more →

Shiva Juggles

Shiva Juggles Originally uploaded by Bozoette. Thanks for all your nice comments about my journalistic debut -- my mom called me this morning in a true dither about it. I didn't tell her about it, so it came as a big surprise, just like I planned! Also, I must give credit to the lovely and talented Weetabix, who took my new blog photo. (I reddened up my nose, though.) Thanks, Weet! Anyway, back to juggling!... Read more →