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Mrs. Bainter the Painter*

We spent a good part of the weekend painting the front hallway a lovely shade of good old dependable white. When I told Mom that I couldn't take her to lunch because we were painting, she said, "But you didn't consult me!" Um, no; I guess I didn't. So I said, "I had to consult you?" And she said, "Yes, about colors!" And I said, "Eggshell white, Mom. It's the front hallway!" And she said,... Read more →

A War Story

My brother joined the Navy Reserve in the late 60s so that he could fulfill his mandatory military service without going to Vietnam. They sent him to medical corpsman school. Then they sent him to Vietnam, to the front lines, attached to the Second Batallion, Fourth Marines -- also known as The Magnificent Bastards. His first job was loading body bags into helicopters. He hadn't been there very long when, after a battle, he was... Read more →

Playoff Beards

I have always loved men with facial hair. Mustaches, beards, goatees, mutton chop sideburns -- gimme. All of my favorite men have had some form of fuzz on their faces. Yes, beards can be prickly when they're first developing, but once they're in full bloom, they get nice and silky. Of course, beards have to be taken care of properly. They need to be clean and combed, free of crumbs and cobwebs. I don't like... Read more →

Ten Things I Did This Weekend, Including One Very Ditzy Moment

It's been quite the weekend, beginning with Friday evening and ending when I finally collapse into bed tonight. Shall I enumerate? Why yes, I shall. I went to juggling club Friday evening, the first time in quite a while, and I'm glad I did. I got some good practice in and was pleased that I haven't lost too much ground, even with clubs. I'm still the "least good" juggler in the club, but you know... Read more →

A to Z

It's Friday, the weather's changing every five minutes, I'm meeting Joe for dinner, and I'm going to the juggling club tonight. All in all, a good day for a meme! I got this from Robyn, but she says it's been around. Kind of like me in my twenties! Accent: It depends on the accent of the person I'm talking to -- honest! I tend to pick up accents quite innocently. This trait makes me a... Read more →

My Mother Swore by Shalimar

I've always liked the idea of perfume. I've always had a romance with the spritz of sweet scent, the dab of sultry cologne behind the ears and maybe the knees, a slight misting of sexy musk to inspire desire. Unfortunately, it's also always given me a headache. No matter if it's floral, citrus, woodsy, or has hints of jasmine and gold; no matter if I slosh it on by the bucket or "spray, stay, and... Read more →

Mojave Melting Pot

An Unusual Formation Originally uploaded by Bozoette. So what do you do when it's 100 degrees on the Strip in Las Vegas? Why, you take a trip to the desert, of course. My Vegas connection and great good friend, Shad, was the hostess with the mostess for my pal Andrea and me. She picked us up in front of our hotel and spirited us away from the glitz and glam of dancing waters and sequined... Read more →

Would You Like Fries With That?

Joe and I decided on Burger King for my extravagant Mother's Day brunch, so we trundled on up to our local BK establishment to partake of burgers and shakes. Only one guy was ahead of us, but he had clearly been waiting for a little while. The order taker guy was busy grabbing completed orders and delivering them to the small crowd gathered under the "Pick Up" window. Hmm. This did not bode well. Anyway,... Read more →

Live! From Las Vegas!

So far this week I have: Watched a bird fly by the airplane window -- that's what happens when you're on a tiny plane whose cruising altitude is 7,000 feet. Heard a phrase that you don't particularly want to hear when you're trying to check in at your hotel and you're really really tired: "I'm afraid I have bad news for you." Schlepped myself and my stuff from Paris to Bally's and back to Paris,... Read more →