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Ten Years Ago

I always enjoy reading the memes that are so obviously targeted to young'uns. So when I saw that Coleen and Arianne had done it, I decided to lend the Voice of imMaturity to the fray.

  1. How old were you? 44
  2. What grade were you in? 38th grade. Heh. Oh, okay; I wasn't in a grade at all! Wow!
  3. Where did you go to school? My entire school career took place in Maryland: grade school (Saint John the Evangelist) and high school (The Academy of the Horny Dames Holy Names) in Silver Spring; college (University of Maryland) in College Park.
  4. Where did you work? I worked for a software company managing the Instructional Design group.
  5. Where did you live? Right where I live now -- in Maryland.
  6. How was your hair style? Let's see...'96...'96... probably short, at that point.
  7. Did you wear braces? I was waaaay past braces at that point, but I did wear them back in seventh grade.
  8. Did you wear contacts? Yes.
  9. Did you wear glasses? Yes, when I didn't have my contacts in.
  10. Who was your best friend? My sister.
  11. Who was your girlfriend/boyfriend? Neither -- I had (and still have) a husband. In fact, I'd had him for 16 years!
  12. Who was your celebrity crush? Let's see... I'm visualizing the posters on the back of my office door... too late for Hulk Hogan... too late for Don Johnson... too late for Kevin Costner... oh, I know! George Clooney! He was still on ER at that point.
  13. Who was your regular-person crush? Well, that would be (and still is, luckily) Joe, of course.
  14. Were you a virgin? Hah! I gave that away in 1970!
  15. How many piercings did you have? Four; two in each ear. I now only have two; one in each ear.
  16. How many tattoos did you have? None.
  17. What was your favorite band/singer? That's easy; Little Feat. They've been my favorite band since 1972.
  18. Had you smoked a cigarette yet? I took a big drag off one of my dad's cigarettes when I was 13; I got so sick I never tried another one. So yes, if one drag counts.
  19. Had you gotten drunk or high yet? Oh please -- too many times to count. (Drugs are bad. Bad bad bad bad bad.)
  20. Had you driven yet? I'd been driving for 30 years at that point. (Oh. My. God. This is getting a little depressing now.)
  21. If so which car? Let's see... 1996... ah! My Saturn.
  22. Which of your pets were still alive? My cat, Puss. We adopted her in 1990; she died in 2004.
  23. Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 1996? More or less -- I'm still enjoying my career, but I've accomplished a lot more than I ever thought I would!