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Let There Be Light

Having been slightly inspired by painting SonnyeBoy's room, we actually got it together to call a handyman service to come over and give us an estimate on some sniggly home repair stuff. It's all stuff we can ignore and/or live with (seeing as how we've been doing exactly that for a long time), but it's also all stuff that we would completely fuck up if we were to attempt it our own selves.

So. Handyman Guy comes out to inspect said stuff: replacing bathroom exhaust fans (one had become the Horror House of the Birds, one had just fizzled out, and one simply clattered loudly all the damn time), patching drywall, fixing the front door frame so that we didn't have to rely solely on the dead bolt, and repairing the wiring to the overhead light in the kitchen.

Ah, the overhead light in the kitchen. This light has not worked for about 16 years. I mean, it didn't work one day, and we tried replacing the light bulb, but that didn't work, so we figured it was the wiring. Neither Joe nor I like to work around electricity -- it's that whole electrocution thing; a silly fear, I know, but what can you do? -- so we never investigated beyond "Hey, it's not the light bulb."

About five years ago, we were talking about home repair stuff. I said, "I really want to fix that kitchen light!" And Joe plopped a lamp on the kitchen table, turned it on, and said, "There! Fixed!" And I said, "Well, okay!"

But we realized that potential buyers might be just a little pickier, so we asked the Handyman Guy to look at it as part of the overall home repair stuff.

Joebear_2 He tested it for power with his Juiceometer and said, "Well, there's power in the line; are you sure it's not the bulb?"

And Joe said, "Sure I'm sure!" But the Handyman Guy, being very smooth and handy, said, "Let's just test it; got a bulb?" So Joe rustled up a light bulb and...

You know where this is going, don't you?

So when the kitchen light blazed forth in all its 100-watt glory -- after 16 years of hibernation -- Joe said, "Well, kiss my ass in the country!"

And that is why I love that man of mine.