A Toast to the Bride and Groom
Let There Be Light

Lake Cuyamaca

  Lake Cuyamaca 
  Originally uploaded by Bozoette.

I have gone wild with panoramas! Not content with simple digital photos of pretty views, I must stitch them together to achieve the full effect.

I painstakingly worked to align the pixels, ensure that the colors were reasonably merged, and then magically create the finished panorama.

Actually, Photoshop Elements makes it pretty easy, once I realized that I needed to be "Standard Edit" mode rather than "Quick Fix" mode.


Anyway, this is a tiny part of the amazing drive from San Diego to Julian, the site of the Wedding of the Year. Every turn uncovered something beautiful, from the charred, haunting survivors of the recent fires, to the mountains of stones, to the green valleys spreading out beneath us.

Even with the scenery to distract me, I must admit I was a little nervous on the ride -- I mean, the two-lane road was really twisty in place, cut into the mountainside, with mountain rising steeply on one side and pretty much nothing on the other.

And no guardrails.

I'm glad Joe was driving.