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In the News

Okay! Okay! I'll eat a banana! Actually, make that Bananas Foster. Hey, it's bananas, isn't it? The delightful Lady Mayhem also suggested tonic water. Let's see... what goes well with tonic? Oh, I know! Seriously, thanks for your sympathy and your suggestions -- I had quite the D'oh moment because I normally do eat a banana every morning, but they had all turned rather black and squishy, so I threw away the remaining ones and... Read more →

I Think I Need Some Magnesium

I stumbled up to bed after a restful interlude on the couch while Joe watched the Stanley Cup playoffs. I settled comfortably into bed, the covers just right, the pillow appropriately plumped, and Letterman counting down the top ten list of the night. Just as I dozed off, the two middle toes of my right foot contracted in the grip of a quite insistent muscle cramp. Ow. I reached down and grabbed my toes, yanking... Read more →

Ten Things I Could Use Right About Now

A nap. Joe's taking a sabbatical down in Ocean City, so I've been sleeping/not sleeping in the guest room, where there is cable TV. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of traffic noise, which has been waking me up way too early for getting up but way too late for useful falling back to sleep. Therefore, I am grumpy. A friendly kitty. I miss my kitty. She was excellent at lowering my blood pressure. Of... Read more →

Rush-Hour Fantasy

I was driving home from work this evening after a bad sort of day when I heard the train whistle, the siren song of getting away from it all, and I thought I just might park the car right there on Route 29 and get on the subway to Union Station and buy a ticket on the Capitol Limited to Chicago. I'd definitely get sleeping accommodations, because I just want to have my own private... Read more →

No Slut Shoes This Year

One of the big decisions I have to make every year is this: What will I wear to the big banquet at the STC conference? The banquet is the one event where everyone gets more or less gussied up, especially the folks who are being dubbed Lords and Ladies of the STC Realm, uh, I mean, Fellows and Associate Fellows. The years that I've gotten those honors, I've gone all out. Formal outfit, slut shoes,... Read more →

Ten Years Ago

I always enjoy reading the memes that are so obviously targeted to young'uns. So when I saw that Coleen and Arianne had done it, I decided to lend the Voice of imMaturity to the fray. How old were you? 44 What grade were you in? 38th grade. Heh. Oh, okay; I wasn't in a grade at all! Wow! Where did you go to school? My entire school career took place in Maryland: grade school (Saint... Read more →

Is It Spring Yet?

Let's have a look at some of the sights in and around my neighborhood. (Click the thumbnails to see the full-size images.) The flowering cherry trees are, uh... flowering. These are different from the famous Washington cherry blossom trees. Those trees are Japanese cherries. They are very pale pink, almost white; these are a true pink. These gorgeous trees are dressed in the best Easter white. Red buds doing nature's bidding, um... budding. At any... Read more →

Let There Be Light

Having been slightly inspired by painting SonnyeBoy's room, we actually got it together to call a handyman service to come over and give us an estimate on some sniggly home repair stuff. It's all stuff we can ignore and/or live with (seeing as how we've been doing exactly that for a long time), but it's also all stuff that we would completely fuck up if we were to attempt it our own selves. So. Handyman... Read more →

Lake Cuyamaca

Lake Cuyamaca Originally uploaded by Bozoette. I have gone wild with panoramas! Not content with simple digital photos of pretty views, I must stitch them together to achieve the full effect. I painstakingly worked to align the pixels, ensure that the colors were reasonably merged, and then magically create the finished panorama. Actually, Photoshop Elements makes it pretty easy, once I realized that I needed to be "Standard Edit" mode rather than "Quick Fix" mode.... Read more →