I Think I Need Some Magnesium

In the News

Okay! Okay! I'll eat a banana! Actually, make that Bananas Foster. Hey, it's bananas, isn't it? The delightful Lady Mayhem also suggested tonic water. Let's see... what goes well with tonic? Oh, I know!

Seriously, thanks for your sympathy and your suggestions -- I had quite the D'oh moment because I normally do eat a banana every morning, but they had all turned rather black and squishy, so I threw away the remaining ones and hadn't eaten one in several days.

See? Cause and effect. Ain't biology wonderful?

So, just to prove that The Office is not all that far from reality, how about this for a little employee motivation? I honestly have a hard time believing they got away with it for as long as they did. Although it would certainly motivate me -- to find another job!

Now, how about a little quiz?

Say there's a knock on the door, and you answer it, and here's this kindly looking old guy with white hair and a little paunch dressed in a polo shirt and slacks standing there with his little black doctor bag and he says, "I'm a doctor, and I'm giving free breast exams to all the women in the neighborhood, would you like one?", what do you do?

A. Invite him in and allow him to examine your breasts; after all, you've been meaning to get that mammogram and hey, this is free!

B. Politely decline because you do a breast self-exam every month, regular as clockwork.

C. Slam the door in his face and call the cops.

I thought so -- but two women actually took him up on the deal. Now, at first I thought "How dumb do you have to be to fall for this?" but then I read that the victims were recent arrivals in this country and really didn't know any better. At least one of them called the cops!

And I really, really hope his wife kicked his ass.