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No Slut Shoes This Year

One of the big decisions I have to make every year is this:

What will I wear to the big banquet at the STC conference?

The banquet is the one event where everyone gets more or less gussied up, especially the folks who are being dubbed Lords and Ladies of the STC Realm, uh, I mean, Fellows and Associate Fellows. The years that I've gotten those honors, I've gone all out. Formal outfit, slut shoes, makeup!

Last year I toned it down a little -- black palazzo pants and silky white sort of poncho top, augmented with a white feather boa. (The boa was all the rage at the after-party dance. Must be the feathers.)

I'm a spectator again this year, and the conference is in Vegas, and the outfit is going to pull double duty at my nephew's small, country-ish wedding. I've been mulling this over for a a little while now, and last night I finally pulled the trigger and placed an order.

This skirt, with this top. You can see that I'm going for funky casual as opposed to high-fashion elegance. Now for the next decision: shoes.

Just to be clear: there will be no slut shoes this year. I have finally made peace with the fact that I cannot wear them unless I plan to sit on my ass for the entire evening. And that pretty much rules out dancing, and I must dance. So, given that heels are out, do I go with sweet little brown ballerina flats that I already own, or spring for jazzy aqua sandals from Stein Mart, where they're cheap? Or is that too casual? I mean, it is Vegas, so I'm inclined to go just a tad over the top.

And jewelry! I'm thinking minimal would be best. Perhaps a couple of chunky bangle bracelets? Dangly earrings? Gold as opposed to silver, no? I think I'll go without a necklace, though. The top -- if it fits the way it's supposed to -- will be quite flattering to the collarbonular area, one of my most attractive areas. Less will definitely be more.

Especially with the aqua feather boa, you know?