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The Very Bad Bar

You are warmly welcomed to the Bad Bar by the handsome and cuddly Thumper. Look at that grin! Can't you tell he's just waiting for you to enter and commence having all kinds of fun? We (the MiniCon'ers) convened at the Bad Bar shortly after 8:00, when we could establish a beachhead and grab all the good seats and begin the imbibing of alcoholic beverages. A whole contingent of us invaded the bar, dazzling the... Read more →

Goodbye, Diary-X

A year -- gone. Poof. For two reasons: I didn't download journal entries, and Stephen Deken didn't back up Diary-X. I haven't talked about the debacle because I was really hoping against hope that the data recovery people would be able to -- you know, recover the data. My only consolation is that I did download my journal in early 2005, so at least I didn't lose all four years of my journal entries. I've... Read more →

Sleigh Ride at Minicon

Firelight Originally uploaded by Bozoette. There's something wonderful about riding into the woods in a sleigh pulled by a team of Percherons, surrounded by new friends, passing a bottle, and cracking jokes. Even though it was so cold our nose hairs crackled, we were all warm, especially in front of this wonderful bonfire. We yakked and hugged and drank hot chocolate and schnapps, getting to know new friends and reconnecting with old friends. We got... Read more →

Ten Things I Hate About DC

Since I'm about to leave town for the weekend to indulge my inner Nanook, I figured I might as well make the departure a little less stressful. Therefore, here are ten things I hate about DC. The traffic. Oh, the horror! To drive in DC, you need a calendar and a watch, because the lanes on some of the major arteries switch directions during rush hour on weekdays. In the morning on Connecticut Avenue, it's... Read more →

The Enneagram Test

The lovely and talented LA turned me on to this quiz. I rather like this one. (I did edit out some of the extraneous stuff, but none of the test results.) The Peacemaker Test finished! You chose BX - your Enneagram type is NINE. I am at peace Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them. How to Get Along with Me If you want me to... Read more →

Ten Things I Did Over President's Day Weekend

Had lunch with the lovely and talented Deb Siobhan. She filled me in on what to expect at the upcoming Green Bay Minicon (call me crazy; Green Bay in February!) and then we just yakked on and on about work, family, journaling, and how the world really ought to change to suit us. Excellent! Had dinner with Mom. Her Spa Retreat at Montgomery General Hospital has really perked her up. Maybe I should sign up... Read more →

Santa's Little Helper

Once upon a time, in a journal entry far, far away, I wrote about the various jobs I've had in my life. I identified one -- Santa's Helper -- as the worst job in the whole entire world. Stephanie asked why. Oh, let me count the ways! First off, I had to wear actual work clothes, rather than my usual jeans and tee shirt. I got the job so that I'd have a little cash... Read more →

Ten Things I Love About DC

The wacky weather. Last Sunday? Foot of snow. Today? 65 degrees, eating lunch outside, forsythia blooming. This weekend? Butt cold. You just never know. I've shivered on the Fourth of July and burned up in October. Well -- except August. It's always hot and humid in August. The shortness. There are no skyscrapers in DC, because the Building Heights Act, passed in 1910, states that no building can be taller than the width of the... Read more →

Powerball Fantasy

So the Powerball lottery is up to 300 million bucks. I'm reminded of the old joke: Every night Bob prays fervently to the Lord: "Lord, please let me win the lottery. Lord, please let me win the lottery. Lord, please let me win the lottery." Finally one night, Bob hears the celestial voice of the Lord: "Bob, meet me halfway. Buy a ticket." The late, great comedian Robin Harris did a bit about getting rich:... Read more →