I Am Not A Saint
Surrealistic Trivia


It's late; it's Saturday night; here's the Ten Meme that all the cool kids are doing:

TEN Random Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I'm going to a Link Wray Tribute concert tomorrow night.
2. I took four years of French in high school, but I don't remember much of it.
3. I won the Best Actress award in my high school one-act play competition -- for playing a male lead in "The Lady's Not for Burning." (I went to an all-girls' school, so girls played all the roles; I fooled the judges!)
4. One of my boobs is smaller than the other, by almost a full cup size. (TMI? Sorry.)
5. I bite my fingernails, but then I file them so that they just look short instead of bitten.
6. When I was in eighth grade, I was a contestant in the DC spelling bee. I made it about halfway through; I got knocked out when I misspelled "deprecate". I got five bucks and a Parker pen as a consolation prize.
7. I went on my first official date when I was 15. My date took me to see Ravi Shankar.
8. I once met John Denver.
9. I had a low-fat vegetarian omelette for dinner, followed by a caramel ice cream sundae. Oh well.
10. I took an 800 mg ibuprophen earlier this afternoon because I was feeling all achey.

NINE Places I’ve Visited:
Since I've been to many cities several times, here are some places that I've only been to once.

1. Tampere, Finland
2. Milan, Italy
3. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Antibes, France
5. Savannah, Georgia
6. Honolulu, Hawaii
7. Winnipeg, Manitoba
8. Essex, Montana
9. Appleton, Wisconsin

EIGHT Ways to Win My Heart:

1. Bring me roses.
2. Make me laugh.
3. Buy my book.
4. Tell all your friends to buy my book, too!
5. Dance with me.
6. Cook me dinner.
7. Laugh at my jokes.
8. Be my friend, and not just when you need me.

SEVEN Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

1. Finish my books-in-progress.
2. Stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Park during their big Christmas celebration.
3. Go back to Hawaii and spend a nice long time there.
4. Get out of debt.
5. Live in DC.
6. Sell my house.
7. Retire and travel.

SIX Things I’m Afraid Of:

1. The erosion of my civil rights.
2. Blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.
3. Falling.
4. Walking alone after dark.
5. Ending up as a bag lady.
6. My son being killed in the line of duty.

FIVE Things I Don’t Like:

1. Indian food.
2. The Republican political machine.
3. Uncomfortable clothing.
4. Gardening.
5. Being drunk.

FOUR Ways to Turn Me Off:

1. Smile in my face, but steal my ideas.
2. Be a snob
3. Be racist, sexist, and/or homophobic.
4. Tease me.

THREE Things I Do Every Day:

1. Drink coffee.
2. Read email.
3. Eat.

TWO Things That Make Me Happy:

1. MyJoe.
2. A view of the ocean.

ONE Thing on My Mind Right Now:
Finishing this entry.