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My Favorite Gazoony

Bullitt was a gazoony, working big top for the first time since getting out of the joint. He went to jail for possessing heroin and actually managed to kick the addiction inside. He had stringy long blonde hair, a goatee, a couple knife-fight scars, and some bad tattoos. The hard physical labor of the big top crew had given him a powerful body, strong muscles obvious, especially in his back and shoulders. He liked the... Read more →

The Arrow Man

Mac carried the golden age of the circus in the trunk of his car. That spacious area of his '67 Buick was jammed full of worn-out suitcases, carpet bags, and satchels; and every one of those was jammed full of snapshots of the circus -- clowns, showgirls, acrobats, roustabouts -- the heart of the Big Top recorded on Brownie film and stored in a suitcase. Mac himself had been a clown in his younger days.... Read more →