Family Lingo

My Pop had his own creative names for things. For example, he had a gardening tool that he called a "hooka-hooka." This tool was simply a hoe without a blade. The hook that the blade was attached to remained. Pop realized that the hook was ideal for precise weeding around his tomatoes and beans, so a broken hoe became a valuable hooka-hooka. He didn't like being late. If you were dragging your feet and making... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Fashion Asks

Oh, I know - it's Monday. What am I thinking, doing Sunday Stealing on Monday? Well, I'm thinking I'm tired and the weekend memes come in handy! What season has your favorite looks? Late fall and/or early spring, when it's cool enough to wear sweaters and boots but warm enough to go without a coat. Formal or casual? Definitely casual, but I do clean up nice. Early in my career, I remember being encouraged to... Read more →

KeyStone A Cappella - The Eleventh Thing

Remember those 10 things I had to do this weekend? I got nine done - we're out of wrapping paper, so the presents remain unwrapped. I also forgot one very important thing: 11. Attend the KeyStone A Cappella concert, part of our Lively Arts subscription at the local community college. I love a cappella music. I fell for The Persuasions when I first heard them back in the early '70s. They've been around since 1962,... Read more →

How I Became a Hockey Fan

My Capitals pulled out another game in the shootout, beating the Buffalo Sabres 4-3. Oh, and Ovi scored his 29th goal of the season. In 32 games. Unbelievable. I have not always been a hockey fan, oh no. I grew up on football and baseball because those were the sports that my Pop liked. He took us to Washington Senators games in the summer, starting with the Memorial Day double header. Once or twice he... Read more →

Ten Things I Have To Do This Weekend

Yay! It's the weekend! As much as I would like to stay in my nice warm bed snoozing all weekend, there are things I must do and tasks I must complete. Here are ten of them. Walk, of course, at least once but preferably twice. I had my mind all made up to skip walking tonight, but somehow I did it anyway. Imagine that! Write our Christmas cards. If I'm really energetic, I'll go to... Read more →

User Error?

"I hate this new system," groused the lab tech. Ah, the classic Change Management mantra. I have my usual appointment with my oncologist next week, which means that I have to get my blood work done so that she can review it with me. Normally I get the orders on paper and stow them away until it's time for my blood work. Not this time - the orders were sent to my lab of choice... Read more →

Walking Again

On Joe's work evenings, I used to order my dinner online from Panera Bread - Pick 2, onion soup and Asian Sesame Chicken Salad - pick it up on my way home, and then enjoy it as soon as I got home. (Now Panera has stopped selling all of the salads that rely on romaine lettuce, so there goes half my dinner.) Then I'd loaf for the rest of the evening, just sit my butt... Read more →

Belated Sunday Stealing

I know it's Tuesday, but I'm feeling uninspired. Therefore, it's time for Sunday Stealing! Favorite novel and author? The Once and Future King by T.H. White. It's my favorite take on the Arthurian Legend, too. I took a course in Arthurian Legend in college and loved it. I haven't re-read this novel in a long, long time. I think I'll find it and do that. Favorite perfume/scent? Joy, by Jean Patou. I first experienced this... Read more →

Our Christmas Tree

Honestly, we should have done this years ago! And by "this," I mean "have an artificial Christmas tree." I suppose that, strictly speaking, we have had an artificial tree, but it was only two feet tall. Joe was working long hours at a hifalutin department store and we were never in the same place at the same place long enough to get a real tree, put it up, and decorate it. (I'm pretty sure there's... Read more →

Festivus Party

Well, I missed doing an entry for yesterday's Holidailies, but as I like to say - only God is perfect. I had a good reason. My dear friend A came up from Maryland to attend a Festivus party hosted by her friend K. It turns out that K lives about 5 miles (if that) away from us! A "introduced" us via Facebook a couple of months ago. We're of like minds politically, cat people, and... Read more →