It's Day 5 of Inkvent, a day of Harmony! Harmony is a very pretty purple Standard ink with some deeper shading. I'm going to be 70 in about six weeks. How'd that happen? Just the other day I was a young hippie chick skipping about in jeans. with no bra and my long hair in braids. Now I'm an old hippie hen walking unsteadily in jeans, with no bra and my long hair in braids.... Read more →

Tempest in an Inkpot

Day 4 of Inkvent gives us Tempest! Tempest is a dark green ink with a golden shimmer. It’s kinda hard to see just how shimmery it is, so here’s a closer, tilted look, which shows the shimmer effect a bit better. I like it! In other news, I've been grinding my teeth a lot while I sleep. How do I know? Well, I've been having vivid dreams, for one thing. One of these dreams was... Read more →


Ash is the ink for Day 3 of Inkvent. It's a Standard ink. I laid it on pretty thick in this swatch, but you can see the lighter tones around the edges. It seems to have a greenish-goldish-brownish tinge to it too. I like a nice gray ink, and this is a nice gray ink. Day 3: Ash Did you ever wonder what the difference is between "gray" and "grey"? Oh, just me? Well, you're... Read more →


All righty! It's the second day of Inkvent, so here is today's ink: Garland! Day 2: Garland I really like this one! The main color is a lovely green teal, the sheen is a burgundy, and the shimmer is a nice bright blue. The shimmer doesn't show up so well, so take my word for it - it's quite glisten-y. Today was "Hassle with the Company Travel Booking Procedure" day. I'm actually taking a business... Read more →

Holidailies Returns!

Hello! It's December 1, and you know what that means - Holidailies! If you're a first-time reader, welcome to Red Nose! Not only is it Holidailies, it's Inkvent! Fountain pen and ink aficionados may recognize this... event? product? temptation? Anyway, the Diamine ink company puts together an Inkvent Calendar for the season, with 24 wee samples (12 ml) and one 30 ml bottle of special seasonal inks. It's basically an Advent Calendar. Instead of chocolate... Read more →

November in a Nutshell

Yikes! It's the last day of November and nary a blog post in sight. Sigh. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I hope to post more frequently in the future. Tomorrow is the start of Holidailies 2021 and I have an ace up my sleeve for posts, so I might actually not be lying! Anyway, November has been a good month. Here are 10 reasons why. I took a... Read more →

Sunday Stealing - "That Didn't Work"

Well, hi there! Since I can't think of anything meaningful to write about, let's get a post done with Sunday Stealing. This week's questions are called I'm Pretty Confident That My Last Words Will Be "Well, Shit, That Didn't Work." 1. First thing you wash in the shower? My face. On non-hairwash days, the routine is face, body. On hairwash days, the routine is face, hair, body. On Sundays, it's face, hair, shave underarms, body.... Read more →

Looking at the Numbers

I have three doctors that I see on the regular. My primary care doctor, Dr. V, takes care of all of me and keeps track of all my ailments and makes sure I get all the stuff done that I need to get done, like vaccines (which work, by the way), mammograms, DEXA scans, and all that. I saw him in mid-August. My endocrinologist, Dr. R, minds my diabetes. I've been seeing her by telemedicine... Read more →

Every Day Is A Gift

Oh my friends, every day is a gift. Every gray hair, every wrinkle, every crow's foot is a gift. Joe and I traveled to DC on Thursday so that we could say good-bye to our dear friend Vince. Joe has known Vince since his freshman year of high school; I've known Vince since Joe and I started dating. He was a smartass, a gourmet Italian cook, and a brilliant filmmaker. He died in late August,... Read more →

Water Water Everywhere

One week ago, the remnants of Hurricane Ida came to Philadelphia. The downpour started in late afternoon and did not let up for hours. When we went to bed at 10:30, the parking lot lines were visible, so the river was behaving itself. One hour later, a car alarm woke us up. We moved to the other bedroom, but as soon as we snuggled under the covers, the building fire alarm went off. Fire? Really?... Read more →