The Packening

Not wanting to leave things to the last minute, we have started packing for our move. The move that takes place on August 6. Hey, no time like the present! After all, we are old and doing a whirlwind pack-a-thon a day or two ahead of the move is, shall we say, impractical. So anyway, Joe gets the Uline catalog. He opened it up last week and, in a burst of synchronicity, it opened right... Read more →

It’s a Moving Story

We’re moving in August. We've been in our current apartment eight years. We've had a very good experience, except for a few things related to apartment living in general. I love the layout of our apartment; the wee den has been a great office space during the last two years. The area is lovely, with the Schuylkill River trail right behind the building and the Betzwood trail head within walking distance. The beautiful river itself... Read more →

I Saw It Sitting There

Joe loves vinyl records. When we moved here to Pennsylvania, we found a couple of great record stores - one in Doylestown and one in Phoenixville - and boom. The store in Phoenixville closed, but apparently when God closes one record store, he opens another one. So we had to go and check it out. Now, Joe is the one who usually buys the records, but I do flip through the offerings and occasionally pick... Read more →

Totally Random

Quite a while ago, the lovely and talented Bev tagged me on Facebook with the "List 25 Random Things about Yourself and Tag Another 25 People" meme. Of course it sailed right past me, but then my mind stopped short and said, "Wait a sec. Didn't Bev tag you to do something or other?" So I looked it up and sure enough, I was tagged. Now I'm a spoilsport who never tags anyone else, and... Read more →

The 70-Year Challenge

So, that 10-year challenge that's been going around Facebook recently? Well, may I present: The 70-Year Challenge! Yes, I turned 70 years old (and I do mean old) at 3:16 AM today. I think I look pretty much the same, don't you? Well, I do have more teeth, and my hair is darker and longer, and I'm quite a bit taller; but my forehead still goes on for miles, and my eyes still get squinty... Read more →

Saturday 9: The Promise of a New Day

For the last day of Holidailies* and the first day of 2022, here's the Saturday 9! Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. Welcome to the first Saturday 9 of 2022. In this song, Paula Abdul celebrates the promise of a new day. Here at Saturday 9, we're celebrating the promise of a new year. What do you hope 2022 will bring? A few things: * The end of the pandemic. * Donald Trump... Read more →

It's Been... a Year.

I've been thinking about this year all day, wondering what I'd focus on in this post, the last post of 2021 and this year's Holidailies. There was deep sorrow. My sister Joanne died in February, my Clown College classmate Barbara died in May, our dear friend Vince died in August. I miss them all, so much. There was disaster. The river flooded and submerged the neighborhood to the tune of 10 feet of water all... Read more →


Santa Claus was very very good to us this year! I got everything I wanted and some things that I didn’t even know I wanted. Here’s a sampling. This is the perfect planner for me. I’m reading this slowly to make it last, but it’s very hard to do. Here’s the piece de resistance - a Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen! All this loot (and more!) was great, but the wonderful part was spending time... Read more →

All of Inkvent

Well, I missed posting yesterday. Sigh. But I won Whamageddon! Yay! Anyway, here’s an Inkvent color wheel, with all 25 inky days spread out for your viewing pleasure. I don’t think there’s a dud in the bunch! Which ones do you like? The Inks of Inkvent I really enjoyed doing Inkvent! If Diamine offers it again next year, I'm definitely in. I'm looking forward to using these lovely inks, especially in my new Christmas present!... Read more →