Mystery Box!

Last Friday was Fountain Pen Day and all of the fountain pen/ink/paper/etc retailers had lots of promotions and specials. Of all of them, I was most intrigued by the Mystery Box offered by Pen Boutique. The Mystery Box would contain several items, including at least one fountain pen that was worth at least the box purchase price. One of the boxes would have a Mont Blanc pen - the top prize of the bunch. Well,... Read more →

Music and Memories

You find the damnedest things when you open an old photo box. Y'know, like old ticket stubs. From the 90s. Those were some great shows, every single one of them. Let's start with the non-rock shows. Five Guys Named Moe celebrated the music of Louis Jordan, the great jump blues sax player and bandleader. We saw that show at Ford's Theater, home of the most uncomfortable theater seats ever. (If you go to a show... Read more →

The Movening, Part 4

One box left. It's full of Caps stuff and STC stuff. I know where most of it is going to go; I just need to put it there. And there. And up there. Oh, and over there. Okay then. One set of curtains is up and it looks great. We only really need to put up one more set of curtains on the double window in the big room - we decided that the door... Read more →

The Movening, Part 3

It's been almost six weeks since moving day and our new place feels like home. We have no regrets - especially after last weekend's strong storms and flood warnings. We scoff at flood warnings! (Not really, but we are no longer filled with anxiety.) We have become IKEA experts! We approached our first visit in years as if we were planning a strategic attack. It was very successful; we were in and out in 40... Read more →

The Movening, Part 2

We were able to access our new place early! The rental office emailed us instructions on how to get the proper building and apartment codes, so we were able to get in right after breakfast on Saturday morning, well before the movers arrived with our stuff. The rental company provided a whole slew of thoughtful touches for us, such as: A folder with community info, instructions, and a welcome note A tote bag Parking stickers... Read more →

The Movening

Achievement Unlocked: We moved. And quite successfully, if you ask me. Of course, we didn't completely finish packing up, but we packed enough and labeled enough and stacked enough boxes that one of the movers made a point of thanking us for the great job. The other guys on the crew added to that, even chuckling over some of the labels we put on the boxes; for example, "Bobbleheads and Joe's socks" or "THE Clock."... Read more →

The Packening, Part 2

Well, we have less than a week to go before moving day! We have made significant progress, but there's still a shit ton to do. Boxes are piling up all over the apartment. Family photos and albums? Packed. All of the hanging-up clothes? Packed. (Whoever invented wardrobe boxes should have a fast pass to eternal glory.) The good china, crystal, and delicate heirlooms from Gramma's corner cupboard? Packed. All of our Caps stuff? Packed. Most... Read more →

Life, the Universe, and Everything: The Anniversary

When we decided to move - way, way back in April - we also decided to forego a big old expensive trip to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. Instead, we opted for a big old expensive dinner at the local Capital Grille. It was so good. So good. Also? So good. (Bah, Bah, Bah!! (IYKYK)) The staff scattered heart-shaped confetti and rose petals (real ones!) on the table, and left a nice Happy Anniversary card... Read more →

Two Things That Illustrate How My Mind Works

The following two things happened to me today. They both occurred within 10 minutes. I might have been hungry; I don't know. Anyway. First, I read a company announcement about the special COVID-19 absentee policy on the HR site. I was reading along when this parenthetical phrase hit me: (for example, an employee that has been instructed to stay home at the explicit direction of their medical provider because the employee has a history of... Read more →

The Packening

Not wanting to leave things to the last minute, we have started packing for our move. The move that takes place on August 6. Hey, no time like the present! After all, we are old and doing a whirlwind pack-a-thon a day or two ahead of the move is, shall we say, impractical. So anyway, Joe gets the Uline catalog. He opened it up last week and, in a burst of synchronicity, it opened right... Read more →