Quarantine Times

In the midst of this madness, I try to remember how fortunate I am. I'm employed and can work from home. I have Joe and SonnyeBoy. We have plenty of food. We can make our rent, car payment, bills. Entertainment galore. I'm two weeks out from the last time I was around lots of people and three weeks out from the last time I was in a big crowd and so far I'm not sick.... Read more →

No Way to Delay That Trouble Comin' Every Day

I stumbled out to get some breakfast this morning and our favorite area radio station was playing Frank Zappa's 1966 song "Trouble Every Day." The chorus is "And there's no way to delay that trouble comin' every day." How appropriate. Tuesday, March 10. I got a phone call and text informing me that the King of Prussia office was closed on the 10th and 11th due to an abundance of caution et cetera et cetera.... Read more →

The Chieftains

Wednesday night we saw a wonderful, terrific, fantastic concert by The Chieftains! I am really, really glad it was on Wednesday, because everything in Philly shut down in response to the corona virus on Thursday! This concert was part of The Chieftains 58th anniversary and Irish Goodbye tour. Both Joe and I have loved them for years, but neither of us had ever seen them live. So it was now or never, and we chose... Read more →

Saturday 9: Bye, Bye Blackbird

Howz about a Saturday 9? Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. In this song, Julie London complains about all the "hard luck stories" people are handing her. Did you more recently listen to someone else's problems, or share your own? Someone else's - SonnyeBoy's car shit the bed last week, but all is well and he has a new (to him) Chevy Malibu! She promises to arrive "late tonight." What time do you... Read more →

Organ Recital

Back when we lived in the DC area about a million years ago, Washington National Cathedral held a free organ recital every Sunday afternoon. Joe went nearly every Sunday; I accompanied him every so often. I enjoyed the recitals, but Joe loved them. Recently we got a brochure in the mail from the arts program at Ursinus College in nearby Collegeville. Lo and behold, there was a free organ recital scheduled for Sunday afternoon! Joe... Read more →

What I'm Watching, The Sequel

I know I just recently wrote about what I'm watching, but it's already time for an update! I finished up Mrs. Maisel (until the next season - they can't leave her on the tarmac, can they?) and Orange Is The New Black (quite amazing) and Fleabag (really good; and it had Ned Gowan as Fleabag's dad!). So what now? New shows and old shows, funny shows and dramatic shows, science fiction and horror. Specifically: The... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: Getting to Know You

Well, it's almost the end of February and once again I have been slacking on the blogging. So here's this week's Sunday Stealing - let's hope it gets me back into the swing of things! 1. What is your favorite color? Purple. No, wait! Blue. No, wait! I rock the Red. Blue and Red make Purple, so we've come full circle. 2. If you could get on a plane tomorrow and travel anywhere, where would... Read more →

Ten Things about January

Well! I suppose NaNoWriMo and Holidailies fried my writing circuits for January. I did post on New Year's Day - a photo of a print by Berkeley Breathed - and now it's January 31st. February looms, so I feel I must gird my grid and post something about my birth month. Here goes. Yes, January is my birth month - the 18th, to be exact. I'm 68, oh boy! Did you know that the Number... Read more →