Caed Mile Failte

Last night Joe looked at me and said, "We're actually going!" Yes, yes we are. We are going to Ireland. In a little over three weeks, we'll board an airplane, fly to Dublin, check in to our hotel, and begin a seven-day adventure. We have wanted to do this for years and years. Twelve years ago, we almost did! We looked at websites, figured out an itinerary, contacted the tour operator for details and pricing,... Read more →

A Brief Travelogue

Whew! I almost let another month get away from me! So what have we been up to? Well, we're still exploring, so here are just a few pictures of our explorations. First up, we visited Glencairn Museum, an amazing castle full of medieval art and antiques. A fellow named Raymond Pitcairn built it between 1928 and 1939 to be the family home. Imagine! Those windows at the left are huge, beautiful stained glass. (If you're... Read more →

Had Bad on Bourbon Street

I kinda fell down on that whole NaBloPoMo thing, didn't I? But I was at a conference! In New Orleans! I had a colonoscopy! And then we got a new kitty! No, not at the same time, although that might have been interesting. I'll tell you more about the latter two events in another post. LavaCon is a technical communication conference targeted to content strategists, tech comm managers, UX designers, and those sorts of folks.... Read more →

August Disappeared

So, I knew it had been a long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post for this here blog, but when I checked the dates I was surprised -- somehow I managed to completely skip August! Not a single post! How'd that happen? Hmm. I guess there just wasn't much going on, or was there? Let's see... In the beginning of the month, we moved SonnyeBoy from Ocean City to Baltimore, so... Read more →

A Luxurious Anniversary

Almost All of the Bedford Springs Resort This is where we spent our anniversary weekend - Bedford Springs Resort! This view shows *most* of it; there are three more buildings off to the right! Our room was in the Spa Wing; it's marked by that red X over to the left. What a fabulous resort!! We had a simply wonderful time, once we got there. I think Joe was ready pull over and melt along... Read more →

At Long Last, Update!

Well, hello there! I, of course, have been meaning to post since the last time I posted, but... Oh, no excuses. I've been shirking. So let's get caught up! The health stuff. I did meet with a nutritionist in my health plan's Diabetes Management Program. She went over the basics about eating properly to control blood sugar, then we discussed the details. It's pretty much low carb, with the allowable carbs (about 90-100 grams a... Read more →

A Valley Forge Visit

The day before yesterday we finally visited Valley Forge National Historical Park. I say "finally" because we live all of about five minutes from it. In case you're rusty on your US history, Valley Forge was where the Continental Army spent the winter of 1777-1778. It's a beautiful piece of land, situated high on a hill where the army could spot any surprise attacks from the British forces. The Visitor Center is great, with lots... Read more →

St. Mary's Villa

We had a lovely day today! The lovely and talented Michael and Maria, our friends and guides to the area, invited us to go and tour St. Mary's Villa in Ambler. Yes, another castle!! St. Mary's Villa Before the castle became St. Mary's Villa, it was the home of Dr. Richard Mattison, an asbestos baron who pretty much built Ambler into a company town. The castle -- known as Lindenwold -- was a big Victorian... Read more →

A Castle Made of Concrete

I alluded to this amazing structure yesterday, so it seems like a good idea to tell you about it today! This is Fonthill Castle. It's made entirely of concrete! Fonthill Castle Henry Mercer built this castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania because: He wanted to live in his very own castle in his hometown. He had the money and the land to do it. He wanted a way to show off his collection of ceramic tiles and... Read more →

A Beautiful Day in New Hope

Last Sunday was a gorgeous fall day -- cool and crisp and breezy -- a road trip was definitely in order! Luckily, our great good friends and area experts Michael and Maria invited us to accompany them to New Hope, Pennsylvania, so off we went! New Hope is a funky little town on the shore of the Delaware River. It's full of good restaurants, historical buildings, and scads of shops, with everything from high-end artisan... Read more →