Words of Counsel

Friday night was packing night; we gathered at Mom's house to continue boxing up her life. We continue to find amazing things from our distant past, like the big, old family Bible that originally belonged to my great grandparents. It's literally falling apart. My Pop used that old standard method to repair it: duct tape. Yes, duct tape. Sigh. Between the Old and New Testaments is a space for family records; my great grandfather meticulously... Read more →

Rerun: True Love

Note: This entry was originally written on February 14, 2004 and posted in my late, great (well...) Diary-X diary. It still applies, so here it is. With the approach of Valentine's Day, I've been thinking a bit about love. In writing Girl Clown, I got immersed in remembering one of the Grand Passions of my youth. He was tall, well-built (impressive shoulders!), blonde, not traditionally good looking, but hot as all get out. He was... Read more →

The Old Church

Isn't this a beautiful old church? Go take a look, and read the caption. I'll wait. Even though I don't attend Mass anymore and don't even consider myself Catholic, I still think of this little church as my church. Down the hill from the church is a little street, and across the street are two old houses. My mom grew up in one of them; my dad grew up in the other. Yes, Mom and... Read more →

Land Sakes!

Back in August, I wrote about my paternal grandparents and how I found some records from the Maryland archives. Those archives listed all these interesting foreclosure actions taken against various people, mostly over parcels of land. What I absolutely loved about these records were the names that the owners gave their land! I wrote down a few of my favorites, with my own commentary. I swear to you; these are actual, real names. Honest. Gay's... Read more →

The Stupidest Prize

My pal Stephanie wants to know how my brother set the woods on the fire and how I managed to choose the stupidest prize on the local kiddie show. I live to serve. I really don't remember all that much about my brother and the woods -- but I do know that he and his buddy Michael Feeney were playing with matches in the woods, with predictable results. It wasn't a huge fire, but the... Read more →

Santa's Little Helper

Once upon a time, in a journal entry far, far away, I wrote about the various jobs I've had in my life. I identified one -- Santa's Helper -- as the worst job in the whole entire world. Stephanie asked why. Oh, let me count the ways! First off, I had to wear actual work clothes, rather than my usual jeans and tee shirt. I got the job so that I'd have a little cash... Read more →