Rerun: True Love

Note: This entry was originally written on February 14, 2004 and posted in my late, great (well...) Diary-X diary. It still applies, so here it is. With the approach of Valentine's Day, I've been thinking a bit about love. In writing Girl Clown, I got immersed in remembering one of the Grand Passions of my youth. He was tall, well-built (impressive shoulders!), blonde, not traditionally good looking, but hot as all get out. He was... Read more →

The Old Church

Isn't this a beautiful old church? Go take a look, and read the caption. I'll wait. Even though I don't attend Mass anymore and don't even consider myself Catholic, I still think of this little church as my church. Down the hill from the church is a little street, and across the street are two old houses. My mom grew up in one of them; my dad grew up in the other. Yes, Mom and... Read more →

Land Sakes!

Back in August, I wrote about my paternal grandparents and how I found some records from the Maryland archives. Those archives listed all these interesting foreclosure actions taken against various people, mostly over parcels of land. What I absolutely loved about these records were the names that the owners gave their land! I wrote down a few of my favorites, with my own commentary. I swear to you; these are actual, real names. Honest. Gay's... Read more →

The Stupidest Prize

My pal Stephanie wants to know how my brother set the woods on the fire and how I managed to choose the stupidest prize on the local kiddie show. I live to serve. I really don't remember all that much about my brother and the woods -- but I do know that he and his buddy Michael Feeney were playing with matches in the woods, with predictable results. It wasn't a huge fire, but the... Read more →

Santa's Little Helper

Once upon a time, in a journal entry far, far away, I wrote about the various jobs I've had in my life. I identified one -- Santa's Helper -- as the worst job in the whole entire world. Stephanie asked why. Oh, let me count the ways! First off, I had to wear actual work clothes, rather than my usual jeans and tee shirt. I got the job so that I'd have a little cash... Read more →