Here are some vignettes from the past week. Once a Mom, always a Mom. Last Monday morning, it was 33 degrees. That is, in a word, cold. Most people with a modicum of common sense would wear warm clothes: long sleeves, jackets, hats, that sort of thing. Alas, there are those who do not possess common sense, like this young woman on the Metro: I really wanted to wag my finger at her and say,... Read more →

Busiest Weekend Ever

I have been tossed about by a veritable social whirlwind the last few days. Where to begin? How about Saturday? Joe and I picked up the lovely and talented Deb Siobhan and tootled off down to the Renaissance Festival. We saw many wonderful sights -- including the shows -- while we were there, including this satyr-ical fellow that we spotted while we waited in the medieval ATM line. We decided that he was not an... Read more →

The Past Week in Ten Bullet Points

Hey there. It's been a long week. Let me sum up in my favorite form, the bulleted list. I went to a dinner for Joe, who made the President's Club at his retail establishment. The management treated all of the honorees (and a few assorted other folks and management sorts) to dinner at Olive Garden. The honorees also got a goody bag with a new name tag, business cards, and a certificate for a day... Read more →

We Are Louder!

If you follow the Stanley Cup playoffs at all, then you know that my beloved Capitals recently played two games in New York, at Madison Square Garden. You also know that our jolly coach, Bruce Boudreau, dissed the venue in an offhand sort of way. He said it was kind of a dump (not a quote) and that it wasn't as loud as Verizon Center. This made for some fun fan dynamics as the Rangers... Read more →

Ten Reasons I Am Nervous

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight, and I am nervous. Why are you nervous? I hear you cry. Here's why. 1. It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs -- the reason for the previous 82 games. 2. My beloved Capitals have not done well in the Stanley Cup playoffs. 3. Dennis Wideman is hurt! 4. Greenie is playing his first game in months -- he's been sidelined with a concussion. 5. We are playing the New York... Read more →

A Hockey Date

Joe had to work last Sunday, so I went to the hockey game with another handsome guy, my 12-year old grandnephew Carter. It was Carter's first hockey game, so I spent some time telling him about the game and filling him in on the rituals, like how to taunt the other team's goalie after we score (All your fault!) and how to cheer along with Horn Guy and Goat and how to holler C-A-P-S CAPS!... Read more →

Super Sunday

The weather is teasing me again. It's supposed to be close to 50 degrees outside today and the sun is shining, shining with all its might, doing its best to keep the billows smooth and bright... oops, sorry; somehow the Walrus and the Carpenter broke through there for an instant. Later this week it is supposed to turn ass-cold again, so I will enjoy this weather while I can. So it's Super Bowl Sunday. I... Read more →

New Year's Day: In The Books!

Happy New Year! It's a little after midnight, so New Year's Day is officially over. It was a great start to 2011. Joe and I got up, had a leisurely breakfast, and then we sort of started cleaning. It started out as a tidy up and then it morphed into a full fledged deep clean and decluttering of the kitchen and living room. It felt great; it really did! I like starting off the new... Read more →

With A Cherry On Top

Today was a hot fudge sundae -- or Sunday, if you will. First of all, Joe had the day off! It's rare these days when we both have the same day off, so we decided to make the most of it. So we went grocery shopping. Hey, you get your fun where you find it, and this morning we found it at Harris Teeter. We bought almost everything we need for holiday feasting, including the... Read more →