A Little Sketch

In addition to Make Way for Ducklings, my RealtorĀ® surprised me with an old copy of Ivanhoe. This particular edition was given to my Mom on her birthday in 1938 by her friend Bill (who I think was female, but I'm not at all sure). Mom subsequently lent it to my Realtor's Mom, and now it has come back to me. On one of the blank pages in the back of the book was this... Read more →

Make Way!

This picture is an iillustration from one of my favorite childhood books, Make Way for Ducklings, written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey. It's about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their eight ducklings: Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack. In the beginning, the Mallards must find a place to build their nest. After their eight ducklings are born, they must brave the streets of Boston to settle in their permanent home in Boston's... Read more →

Visiting Santa Redux

After staring at a blank post for a couple of minutes, I asked Joe what I should write about. He looked at me and said, "Write about your first visit to Santy Claus." Well, I kinda already did that. So instead of writing about my first visit, I shall wander down the dusty roads of my memories and talk about a few other visits to St. Nick. First up, 1956. here's my older brother and... Read more →


After dinner this evening I strolled over to the clubhouse and got myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, I can go on over there anytime I want and fix myself a hot cup of Starbucks coffee. I strolled on back and sat on the balcony with Joe as the evening settled in. It's nice. Also nice? I finally got the checks from closing Mom's bank accounts. I guess Bank of Amerika decided that they didn't... Read more →

Goodbye My Friend

Death comes in threes, they say. Robin Williams. Lauren Bacall. And the third? For me, the third was not a celebrity. My old friend and high-school classmate, Mary Barnard, died this evening of breast cancer. She had been fighting the disease for years, but just lately, within the last few months, it became clear that her stay here on the physical was drawing to a close. She was admitted to hospice yesterday, and this evening... Read more →

I Had A Baby!

Boy oh boy, these Facebook memes are coming in handy for these Holidailies entries! This one talking about pregnancy and childbirth. The lovely and talented LA assigned me the number 9; therefore, I shall now list nine interesting (I hope) facts about my pregnancy -- if I can remember that many! (Also, it gives me a chance to tell you some things you may not know about me. Madness, meet method! I'm pretty sure I... Read more →


This cat reminds me of my mother, waiting up for me to get home from a date. Your weekend kitty says it's about time you all got home! Oh, all right -- Mom never actually sat in the window. She actually went to bed, but she never slept until we were safely home, our dates were gone, and we were far removed from the near occasion of sin. She was particularly good at sussing out... Read more →

Barbie Jesus

Today I'll tell you a weird fact about me: I was a very rigid kid, very much of a rule follower. I was really into things happening in the correct order at the correct time. Maybe it's because I was a middle child; maybe it's because I was raised Catlick. But I definitely thought that rules were there for a reason, and if you just followed the rules and the implicit schedule of life then... Read more →

The One about the Donniker

Okay! The donniker story! As I mentioned, circus folks have a language all their own. One of my favorites is donniker, which means toilet. Merriam Webster Online says it probably has its roots in the word dunnekin, from an old English dialect. Well, be that as it may, of the four circuses I worked for, only one had its own donniker. The others either brought in Porta-Potties (which we still called donnikers) or played venues... Read more →

Relatively Speaking

Last Sunday, I had brunch with my second cousin Meg (I think I've got that relationship right). Until she read my post about my grandfather and sent me an email, I never knew she existed! It turns out that my grandfather and her grandfather were brothers! She and her husband came to town to visit their son, so we got together to exchange our various life stories and get to know one another. We had... Read more →