Brunch, Bras, and Socks

It was such a pretty day, that we decided to spend much of it outside. First we headed off to Petco to replenish the cat necessities, then we went to lunch. We tried a new-to-us joint called the Black Powder Tavern, just outside of Valley Forge Park. It's very nice -- a little on the noisy side -- but attractively decorated. On Sunday, however, they do not serve lunch, just a brunch buffet. Well, I... Read more →

Last Week

Well, it has been a strange week here in Eagleville... It started out well enough; in fact, it started out really well! Last Saturday Joe and I went to the Mega Mall to see and be seen with former WWE wrestler Mick Foley, aka Mankind, aka Cactus Jack, aka Dude Love, aka the Hardcore Legend. We even took books to be autographed. He was quite delightful! I even went shopping in said mall, bought a... Read more →


Well, this Mercury Retrograde started off with a bang. Joe noticed a weird spot on his nose, kinda like a zit but it didn't behave like a zit. I noticed another weird spot on his head, just left and slightly over his forehead. He went to a dermatologist. It's nonmelanoma skin cancer -- basal cell, I think. He's made an appointment with a surgeon. The surgery -- called Mohs surgery -- will likely be done... Read more →

Belated Birthday Blog Post

I turned 63 yesterday! It's kind of nice to have your birthday over a three-day weekend; you get to spread out the wild rumpus and dizzy partying. Heh. Actually, yesterday was a pretty wild day, because of a freak ice storm that arrived in Philly/Baltimore/DC area. I woke up to news of serious multi-car accidents all over the place -- a 50-car pileup on the Schuylkill Expressway, a 10-car accident on I476, wrecks on the... Read more →


Yesterday Joe and I drove back to Maryland for a momentous occasion -- we finally signed the paperwork to sell our house! This has been a very long time coming. We put it on the market in late May, got our first offer in August, and finally closed yesterday. I am so relieved. We now longer have to pay two electric bills, two water bills, a homeowner's association fee, and oh yeah, a mortgage. I... Read more →

Cleaning, Not Cleaning

Joe's had to work both yesterday and today, so I cleaned my bathroom. Now it smells like a clean bathroom should -- heavy with the scent of Swiffer WetJet with notes of Soft Scrub and Wndex. So pleasant! One thing about this apartment is that it is far less dusty than our old house. That place attracted dust like Justin Bieber attracts tween girls. (Or maybe he doesn't anymore -- I may be behind on... Read more →

Of Apartments, Work, and Beer

Here I am, typing away in our cute little office, with our newly hung woodcut of Frank Zappa hanging on the wall to my left and the cat all bread-loafed on top of the printer. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is on the TV -- I can see and hear it just fine from here. I really love our apartment. It's just big enough -- we have plenty of room... Read more →

Mary and Joe's Big Adventure: Apartment Edition

Last weekend we trotted up to King of Prussia to find a place to live. After all, 135 miles is a bit of an unsustainable commute. Okay, let me back up a tad. As I was wiling away my remaining days at work, I researched apartments in King of Prussia. Our first requirement was that the apartment would have to have three bedrooms, or two bedrooms and a den. The second requirement was that it... Read more →

Onward and Upward!

It has been a pretty epic week! Mother Nature pelted us with about eight inches of snow and ice, and I got to work from home yesterday and today. The Olympics began and of course I am glued to the TV. Figure skating, slopestyle snowboarding and skiing, hockey... you name it, I've watched it. We got our state tax refund, exactly one week after we e-filed it. Whee! And, oh by the way, I got... Read more →