Dia Box

I've been seeing "sponsored posts" on my Facebook feed from Dia & Co. - an apparel subscription service for women of a certain size. I took a look at the ads and wandered on over to the website, and it looked appealing. I eventually decided, "Aw, what the hell," and filled out their style survey. However, being the suspicious sort, I asked my Facebook tribe if anyone had tried it and, if so, how they... Read more →

Young Old

As of today, I have officially crossed the border into old-ness. According to this, I'm now a member of the "young old." I'm okay with it; it would be pretty sad if I weren't, wouldn't it? I mean, how would I resist? I can't call my member of Congress and demand that I stop growing older. One thing I've noticed is that I seem to be "cute" now. For example, Joe and I were eating... Read more →

It's Been A Quiet Week

Because I used up my paid time off for my surgery, I had to work this week -- okay, only these last three days, but I am not used to this. Normally I take off this week. It's been very quiet; apparently everyone else in the company did not use up their PTO. Actually, our cube aisle was positively crowded -- three of us out of eight were in attendance. Of course, two of those... Read more →

Another Job Well Done!

I'm a big fan of R. Crumb's Mr. Natural. I have this comic taped to my refrigerator. I feel this way every time I tackle a job I need to do, kinda want to do, but don't really want to do. Kind of like exercising... But anyway! I've had "Reorganize the closet" on the list for awhile, and today was the day! Now, we got rid of a ton of stuff when we moved. I... Read more →

Can I Get A Witness?

Last weekend we had a play date with the lovely and talented Mike and Maria Pratt. We quaffed some beers and ate some barbeque at the newly opened beer garden at Stable 12 Brewery. We enjoyed sundaes at Zwahlen's. And, thanks to Maria, we saw one of three Witness Trees in Valley Forge National Park. A Witness Tree is a tree that was alive during the Continental Army's encampment at Valley Forge in 1777 --... Read more →

Weetacon, Gyroscope, and Curtains

After Thingadailies ended, I collapsed from the weight of keeping up with all that creativity and artsiness. So I went to Weetacon to recover. I hadn't been in four years, so it was high time for Joe and me to fly on out to the Hinterland for fun, frolic, food, and beer. And, we had all of that and more. We few, we happy few... When we got home, we both caught colds. Bah. Anyway,... Read more →

Have a Seat!

We've been wanting a new couch since we moved here. The old one was too big for the space, to butt sprung to get off of easily, and just too... much. So yesterday we went to Ikea, where we decided on the Ektorp loveseat. The slipcover (Vellinge beige) is a really nice chenille-ish fabric. Best of all, it was in stock! So we spoke to a very nice woman who helped us with the order.... Read more →

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?

Yes, today I am 64! One year from Medicare! Two years from full retirement (like that'll happen)! Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, for having your holiday on my birthday so I didn't have to take a vacation day. It was just a lovely day, even though the Arctic Blast came through yesterday. Joe surprised me with a nice gift (two lovely tops) and spoiled me all day. I had Cap'n Crunch for breakfast! I... Read more →

Planning for a Planner

I love planner-y type stuff. At one point, the company I worked for decided that everyone could order a Franklin Day Planner. One of my coworkers swore by hers, so of course I jumped right up on the bandwagon. I got the binder; the pages; the ziploc pouch for keeping various things like paper clips, pens, and whatever; the five-year foldout calendar; the combination ruler and bookmark; the special punch for punching holes in random... Read more →


Happy belated Thanksgiving! Joe and I celebrated the actual holiday by ourselves this year -- it was fine. I cooked up a wee Cornish hen and still managed to set off the insanely sensitive smoke alarm, but the homemade stuffing was delish and the pie was, of course, perfect. SonnyeBoy had to work on Thanksgiving, preventing thieves from boosting all the fancy merchandise the Store with the Red Concentric Circles has to offer, so he... Read more →