Decisions, Decisions

So. I had my regularly-scheduled bloodwork and CT scans, which keep an eye on my small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL). The bloodwork came back fine -- my absolute lymphs are slightly high, but that's it. Good to go for bloodwork! My CT scans (neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis) show that my zillions of enlarged lymph nodes haven't gotten bigger and are unchanged when compared to my previous CT scans. Yay scans! But. I'm having multiple hot... Read more →

My Impatient Patient

So, my friends on Facebook may know that Joe had arthroscopic shoulder surgery last Friday. He came through the surgery beautifully and is even now taking his first shower since the surgery. I know he'll feel immeasurably better after that. Right after the surgery was done, the surgeon came out to tell me that all was well. She showed me many technicolor photographs of his shoulder and described exactly what she did, but I'll be... Read more →

Ebb and Flow

I had a little bit of a tough time yesterday. I slept poorly, partly the result of a nagging, nasty backache that made turning over in bed a painful undertaking. I went through cycles of too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold. And, I stayed up too late. I seem to think that staying up later means that I'll sleep better, maybe straight through for six hours. It never happens that way and I... Read more →

All Better

I finally feel like me again. It took pretty much a full month to recover from my surgery, but when I did, it happened almost overnight. I saw Doc H for my followup on November 29, at which point he said that all was well, I could drive, and I could start exercising again. I had already gone back to work, although I did take it rather easy by working at home. I went back... Read more →

Unexpected Nap

I took a long nap this afternoon, quite by accident. I say "by accident" because I did not plan to take a nap; it just happened. Joe and I had lunch at a local tap room/sports bar. It was delicious! We watched Temple beat up on Navy and then came home to watch the Flyers game. I settled down in the recliner. Sometime during the game I closed my eyes and that, as they say,... Read more →

To Fitbit Or Not To Fitbit

You may know that I hate exercising. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about it. However, I know that I must do it or pretty much die, so I do it. It's not a question of not finding an exercise that I like; I really do hate. them. all. And by "do it," I mean that I walk, either outside on the trails around our apartment or inside on the treadmill. I tried... Read more →


In my surgery outfit Oh hi! So, just about two weeks ago I had surgery to remove my ovaries. It went quite well, especially since the big ole mass in my left ovary was a benign adenofibroma. I must say that the hospital staff was great. Everything went quite smoothly, from check-in through check-out. When they took me back to my wee cubicle, the bed had everything laid out quite neatly: high-tech hospital gown, shower... Read more →

Wouldn't It Be Ovary?

Image from the Nickelodeon animated show "The Angry Ovaries" I saw the gynecological oncologist Friday. He's a very straightforward fellow; I like him. He showed me the MRI films, which was a lot like showing me a Jackson Pollack painting and asking me to find Waldo. I really couldn't make out anything, except for my tailbone. And I only recognized that because he traced it and said, "There's your tailbone." Naturally, I read the report... Read more →

The Saga Continues

I saw my medical oncologist early last week and got the good news that the treatment for my lymphoma is no treatment - at least not yet. I'll have bloodwork in three months and more scans in six months; lather, rinse, repeat until my lymph nodes get large enough to be bothersome. We also talked a lot about the mixed liquid and solid adnexal cyst in my left ovary. The upshot was a special blood... Read more →

It's Always Something

So I had extra-special bloodwork and a bunch of CAT scans this week. Good times! And, because I am nosy, I kept checking the patient portal to see the results. And, because I am nosy, I couldn't resist reading them when they appeared. Did you know that my brain is unremarkable? And all this time I thought I was remarkable! In fact, many of my organs are unremarkable or "normal for age". This is actually... Read more →