Lamb and Liver

Today's prompt is: Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up? I grew up in a very typical 50s household, so Mom was the main cook. Pop cooked breakfast on the weekend and supper on Sunday night, but Mom was in charge of dinner. Mom cooked good, plain American food. Her fried chicken was fabulous; her macaroni and cheese to die for. We had steak once a week; we... Read more →

Who's Cookin'?

The prompt for today is: Who does most of the cooking in your home? I guess I do, especially since we started getting Blue Apron meals. I gotta tell ya, I need to take a cooking course or something, because I am the slowest chopper in the whole entire world. I watch some of these TV chefs just buzz through chopping and slicing and dicing and mincing and what not, and I cannot do it.... Read more →

Beloved Family Recipes

Well! Here's the NaBloPoMo prompt for today: Who invented your most beloved family recipe? Tell us about the cook. Did you ever get to meet him or her? Y'know, I've already written posts about various "beloved family recipes". So here's a recap: The best pumpkin pie in the whole entire world was my gramma's recipe. I'm very glad that I knew her. She lived next door to us when I was little. When I was... Read more →


So... I hardly ever check out BlogHer anymore, because they changed the user interface awhile back and I hated it. It had been simple and easy to navigate, then it got fancy and I couldn't find anything, so I just stopped going there. I still get emails from them, which I tend to skim over and immediately delete. But today the subject line was about NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Post Month (I think) -- wherein... Read more →

August Disappeared

So, I knew it had been a long time since I actually sat down and wrote a post for this here blog, but when I checked the dates I was surprised -- somehow I managed to completely skip August! Not a single post! How'd that happen? Hmm. I guess there just wasn't much going on, or was there? Let's see... In the beginning of the month, we moved SonnyeBoy from Ocean City to Baltimore, so... Read more →

A Luxurious Anniversary

Almost All of the Bedford Springs Resort This is where we spent our anniversary weekend - Bedford Springs Resort! This view shows *most* of it; there are three more buildings off to the right! Our room was in the Spa Wing; it's marked by that red X over to the left. What a fabulous resort!! We had a simply wonderful time, once we got there. I think Joe was ready pull over and melt along... Read more →

At Long Last, Update!

Well, hello there! I, of course, have been meaning to post since the last time I posted, but... Oh, no excuses. I've been shirking. So let's get caught up! The health stuff. I did meet with a nutritionist in my health plan's Diabetes Management Program. She went over the basics about eating properly to control blood sugar, then we discussed the details. It's pretty much low carb, with the allowable carbs (about 90-100 grams a... Read more →

What's Cookin'?

Since my diagnosis, I've realized that we've been in a bit of a rut, culinarily speaking -- the same plain meals, week after week. Breakfast: cereal. Lunch: Lean Cuisine, applesauce cup. Snack: granola bar. Dinner: some type of meat, starch (rice, potato, toast...), occasional vegetable, ice cream. Intersperse this with various candy, chips, and soda and it's no wonder I'm staring down diabetes. So changes must be made; I gotta get off my ample ass... Read more →

Chocolate: Best and Worst; Past and Present

In honor of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (which totally sounds made up to me, but also totally sounds like a delightful thing to celebrate), Holidailies asks us to talk about the best (and worst!) chocolate covered things we've ever eaten. The worst is actually a tie. When I was a kid, my Pop brought home a box of chocolate-covered grasshoppers from a business trip. I don't remember where he got them. I took a... Read more →

Of Apartments, Work, and Beer

Here I am, typing away in our cute little office, with our newly hung woodcut of Frank Zappa hanging on the wall to my left and the cat all bread-loafed on top of the printer. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is on the TV -- I can see and hear it just fine from here. I really love our apartment. It's just big enough -- we have plenty of room... Read more →